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    The Time magazine presented a series of photographs entitled The World's Wackiest Holidays, devoted to the most unusual holidays and festivals from different corners of our planet. Monkey…

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Festival of peace and kindness
  “In the whole world there is no holiday more beautiful and more beautiful no celebration", – such words were heard at the Christmas concert in the drama theatre, Kursk.…

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Best vacation spots in Thailand – Informative article


Thailand – it is exotic in every sense, ranging from natural attractions and to the traditions and customs of the aborigines. Many tourists tend to go to Thailand to relax on the sandy beaches, to dive into the world of the tropics and unusual nature. Fortunately, the natural features of the country allow it. About the huge number of tourists even say no, because every minute in the airport of Thailand sits at least 2 planes.

The most popular Islands of Thailand among the exotics are considered Samui, Krabi, Koh LARN and Phuket . Stay on any of them will leave with the best impressions and emotions, but there are some subtleties that distinguish one island from the other.

So, Phuket. The largest island of Thailand is honorable title of the best resort in the country. Luxury hotels, lots of restaurants, clubs, where they can offer the most diverse and exotic dishes, a variety of various spas and beauty salons, sightseeing Phuket and nearby Islands, as well as the unparalleled beauty of local nature and the best beaches will make your stay memorable. Phuket – it is a Paradise for surfers and divers, which will impress the underwater world of the island.

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Summer festivals in Bulgaria and Greece


4f695four of the festival, two countries, two seas, two creative holiday!

1. The option to participate in one trip in two International festivals in Greece and Bulgaria.

The most luxurious option. May 2 to June 9 to participate in the VII International festival “Golden Dream. GREECE” in the resort of Asprovalta, Greece. Beautiful festival, performances in the amphitheatre, very warm and safe for children Aegean sea, twelve-kilometre sandy beach, the participants from Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan! Apartments 3* on the first or second line of the sea. The settlement of 3-4 students. The food is very tasty, the Greek tavernas-restaurants right on the waterfront of the Aegean sea.

But after participating in the festival in Greece transfer to Golden Sands and participation in the IV International festival “Golden Dream. BULGARIA” . which will be held from 10 to 19 June. And now to sunbathe, swim and play at the best resort in Bulgaria!

Thus, children in 18 days will visit two countries – Greece and Bulgaria, are bought in two seas – the Black and the Aegean, will speak and receive gifts and awards at two International film festivals!

The estimated cost of participation per person:

1. Transfer Thessaloniki-Asprovalta-Thessaloniki.

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The Most beautiful and spooky holidays of the world


Deeply embedded in modern culture Halloween, fascinating and mystical Mexican Day of the dead, a truly creepy Madagascan day turning bones and other scary beautiful festivals of the world from which you cannot look away, even when the blood begins to state in my veins.


Extremely popular in the U.S. and Europe, Halloween is today, perhaps the most extensive collection of freaks in the world. Began its modern history as the Eve of all saints day, this Christian holiday dedicated to honoring saints and deceased relatives, soon turned into a real festival of evil, a costumed procession, which is attended by everyone from young to old. In some sense it is even symbolic, given that the origins of the holiday go back even further, into the depths of the centuries and the traditions of the ancient Celts, who have this day marked the end of harvest and the transition to winter period, i.e. New year. The Celts called this the night of Samhain or Samharam. At this time they were extinguished in their houses the fire used to wear animal skins to ward off evil spirits and left treats to appease them. Symbol of the holiday was the pumpkin with the sacred fire within.

When: October 31

Day of the dead

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