Christmas Holidays
  Winter! Residents of Sound city are preparing to celebrate the New Year . which prepares surprises for everyone! On the eve of the New year in the Sound city…

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10 Most beautiful buildings in the World
  Royal tower, exceeding the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates at 167 meters, is being built in Saudi Arabia and will be the…

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Festival of Brazilian cinema

Petersburg for the third time overwhelmed by the riot of colour and excitement of the Brazilian film Festival

Within four days the festival will present the best of contemporary culture of Brazil – latest news cinema, colorful dance forró, the national martial art capoeira, which combines elements of dance, acrobatics and games, as well as an exhibition of photographs devoted to the cult fascination with the Brazilians, which divides the whole world – football.

In the film program includes 8 films by Brazilian Directors. The “magnificent eight” includes films of different genres from Comedy to art-house drama.

The expectations of the public, few familiar with the Brazilian cinema, very clear and expressive, emotionally rich, full music and romantic conflicts, cheerful scene. The carnival, one word. Of course, these optimistic anticipation of a larger audience will definitely justified at the upcoming festival. However, such conventional expectations only partly fair. After all, cinema Brazil has a long and successful history, which has contributed to the world of cinema. From famous paintings “the great silent” until the rebirth of the “new Brazilian cinema” in the middle of the twentieth century to the contemporary achievements of filmmakers this distant Continue reading

Christmas Holidays


Winter! Residents of Sound city are preparing to celebrate the New Year . which prepares surprises for everyone!

On the eve of the New year in the Sound city brought a gift for the business, and started a holiday offer!

In the holiday shop appeared three special gift: the Gift of Frost . Gift snow maiden and the Gift of the elf .

Buying gifts to 2 January 2015 . you increase the progress to receive a special prize – the Storm Area . Better than a gift — the better the range of chances. Once the progress reaches 100%, you are guaranteed to get +1 level wonderful Christmas artifact — The Storm Area !

Thunderstorm Areas gives a distinct advantage to its owner in the struggle for Territory .

A unique artifact has 25 levels .

The artifact will allow you to reduce the cooldown of licenses for Battles up to 3 times and get up to 50% more points of influence . and up to 100% more fame !

The duration of artifact – 3 months . To activate the bonus enough to have the item in stock.

For getting this wonderful artifact is no need to wait to open gifts: get him in the Christmas Lottery till 02.01.2015 !

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Holidays in the Czech Republic. Festivals and customs of the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic surprisingly few large-scale national festivals. Besides the usual religious ceremonies, most of the annual happy holidays — it’s artistic, musical and sporting events that are not beyond the boundaries of the city. In addition, there are also folk activities in different regions of the country, the most famous of which — Straznice festival (.) in Moravia.

Official holidays of the Czech Republic

1 January — the New year (Novyrok)

March-April — the Second day of Easter (Easter Monday,Velikonocni pondeli)

1 may — may day (Svatek prace)

8 may — the Day of victory in Europe (Den osvobozeni)

5 July — Adoption of Christianity (Den slovanskych verozvestu Cyrila a Metodeje)

6 July — the Day of death of Jan HUS (Den upaleni mistra Jana Husa)

September 28 — Day of the Czech Republic (Den boje za svobodu)

October 28 — the Foundation of the Republic (Den vzniku samostatneho ceskoslovenskeho statu)

November 17 — the Day of struggle for freedom and democracy (Den boje za svobodu a demokracii) December 24 — Christmas Eve (Sterdy den)

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Autumn festivals of Europe. What festivals will be held in Europe this fall
  Autumn came, but this does not mean that it is time to prepare for winter hibernation and with nostalgia to revisit photos from summer vacation. All right now all…

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Unusual holidays and festivals in different countries and continents
  Of course, each nation has its own traditions, customs and festivals, many of them very original, and at first incomprehensible. In General, we all have our own standards of…