Who said that the holidays are over? The carnival continues!
  Late winter - early spring is the time for carnivals! Large and small, carnivals boldly walking the streets of Europe and America, attracting the attention of all the inhabitants…

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Christmas Holidays
  Winter! Residents of Sound city are preparing to celebrate the New Year . which prepares surprises for everyone! On the eve of the New year in the Sound city…

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Unusual holidays. Entertainment. Informative articles and unusual photographs



The Time magazine presented a series of photographs entitled The World’s Wackiest Holidays, devoted to the most unusual holidays and festivals from different corners of our planet.

Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet) in Thailand, in the province of lop Buri. Each year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Monkey feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to the legend, along with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents.

The festival of colors in new Delhi (The Festival of Colors) is an Indian national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, the celebration of the expulsion of evil and the rebirth Continue reading

Festivals of the world


Annually in the world are many carnivals and festive processions. Such a colorful, bright, magical and crazy national holidays will be remembered for a lifetime. There is the most famous carnivals in the world — Brazilian, Spanish, and there are those which You were not even aware. Here are 20 of the most famous carnivals in the world:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Taking place from 28 February to 4 March

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in the Brazilian style. Its length is almost a day! It’s an endless parade of Samba schools, vibrant and unique costumes, Latin American drive and good mood!

2. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Passes from the second half of September to the first weekend of October.

The largest world beer festival — in Munich! There are also some smaller festivals, but for this comparison was collected in 2013, an amount larger than 96 000 000$! Represent scale.

3. Festival of snow and ice – Harbin, China

Runs from 5 January to 5 February.

The biggest world event associated with ice and snow, where you can see ice sculptures, snow compositions, which height exceeds 3 meters.

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The Best contests for children on children’s dayries


When conducting any children’s party adults always occurs the same problem: you have to find and prepare interesting contests for children. And what they are, interesting, and where to get them? The Vedas every year I want something new! Here it is to help such caring parents we have prepared this compilation, which gathered the most fun contests for children. In most of them, as in other children’s games, you can play as on the street. and in the room. And in almost any celebration, starting with the New year, and ending with children’s Day. Choose, learn and play!

The contest “Sleight of foot”

Kids line up in two teams. In front of each team a few metres away from her is a chair or other “objective”. Each child is given an inflated balloon. By the master, the child grasps the ball with his feet and jumps should get to the chair, running around it and return to his team.

Which team will finish faster competition, and won. The balls are children, and the team – the winner is awarded Souvenirs.

The contest “Eat – don’t eat”

Selected presenter. He turns to each child says a word and asked: “Eat?” The child should quickly answer “Yes” or “no”. Wrong – eliminated last one left, and he won.

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