New year for children. History
  New year's day. . What is this — a holiday that unites all of us childhood joys, or a bag of trouble that every th­tov to shoulder voluntarily and,…

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15 incredibly delicious salad for the holiday table
  The composition and preparation: This salad laid layers and each spread mayonnaise 1layer — chicken breast cubes Slay — mushrooms fried with onion, salt, pepper Slay — grated boiled…

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Top 10 beach parties in the world

Warning: possible ‘ll need a vacation after the vacation!

1 Ibiza, Spain

Unusual cocktails, the last house, constantly pulsating, best clubs, best di jeey and foam parties.

Since early spring and last until early autumn. Ibiza, the party capital of Europe, never sleeps. She sees thousands of revellers from around the world, looking to her clubs — Pacha, Space, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden and beyond.

You should book your tickets in advance (Yes, really — indeed, in advance), to accumulate their strength and be confident that they can celebrate in a place full of failure.

2 Mykonos, Greece

When it comes to parties, Mykonos doesn’t believe in wasted time. Parties on all beaches, unanimously, Psauro Beach, Tropical Paradise Beach Bar, Super Paradise and the rest will start in the beginning of the second half of the day.

Place dancing to the music of the best DJs together with celebrities.

Starts early and lasts until dawn. Party means business!

3 in South Beach, Miami, USA

Posh clubs, unique bars and tents, luxurious and exclusive, will keep you fascinated in the shimmering splendor of it all.

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Holidays Chuvashia



Rites and holidays of the Chuvash people in the past were closely associated with their pagan religious beliefs and in strict conformity with economic and agricultural calendar.

Cycle rituals began with the winter holiday of claiming good livestock offspring – surgery (sheep spirit), dated to the time of the winter solstice. During the festival children and youth groups bypassed HOMESTEAD village, entering the house, the owners wanted a good livestock offspring, sang songs with spells. The owners presented their dishes.

Traditional Chuvash youth festivals and entertainments were held in all seasons. In spring and summer the youth of the village, several villages, gathered outdoors on the dance uyav (Vaillant, Taka, Pooh). In winter, arranged gatherings (larni) in the huts, where were temporarily absent senior masters. Get-togethers on the girl spun, and with the arrival of the boys started the game, party participants sang songs, danced, etc. In mid-winter feast was held the saree fuck (literally – maiden beer). Girls chipped brewed beer, baked pies and one home together with the young Continue reading


the Government of Moscow “Marketing company OLYMPUS” with the participation of the Association “ice cream Capital” and the magazine “Holiday” SOMETHING ELSE ABOUT CARNIVALS

Carnival movement in the world is experiencing a genuine Renaissance: carnivals appear even in “ncarnival” countries, such as Japan or Finland. Modern carnivals developed in two historically established areas – European (traditions of the oldest carnivals in Europe) and the Caribbean (carnivals that have arisen on the basis of the European under the influence of Negro-African culture). In General, the experts identify 11 different types of traditional carnivals. The largest carnivals using grandiose allegorical designs and giant platforms you will find in the towns of Viareggio and Putignano (Italy), as well as in Malta and in nice (France). The Grand Mardi Gras is a carnival held in New Orleans (USA), Patras (Greece), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Colon (Germany), Den Bosch (the Netherlands), Aleste (Belgium), Rijeka (Croatia), in Basel and Zurich (Switzerland), Dunkerque (France). The most colorful Caribbean and Samba carnivals you will certainly find in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), Trinidad&Tobago, Nottinghill (England), Curacao (Antilles), Corrientes (Argentina) and in Baranquilla Continue reading