Lithuanian cheese Dainava Festive dishes of the peoples of the world
  2 litres whole milk 1 kg of cottage cheese 100 g sour cream 100 g butter 2 chicken eggs 1 tablespoon cumin salt - a big pinch pot 4-5…

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The Best carnivals and festivals around the world
  Venice Italy Perhaps the most famous and oldest carnival in the world. Every year Venice is clothed in the costumes of velvet, brocade and silk and tries on different…

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Premiere Norilsk drama Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro


NORILSK. “Taimyr Telegraph” in Norilsk Today starts the second art festival of Northern cities in the world “Parallels”.

In the period from 26 September to 10 October, viewers will see performances, concerts, shows, laboratories, exhibitions and workshops. The program of the festival included traditional genres (drama, classical music, musical), and experimental storytelling (art of storytelling), plastic theatre, hip-hop Opera.

A few hours before the opening of the organizers and participants of the creative forum (actors, Directors, playwrights, artists, musicians, dancers and photographers from Russia, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Holland and Estonia) spoke with local journalists.

As stressed by the General producer of the festival Catherine said, “it’s not every day come to Russia groups on the global level and go to the region’s transit through both capitals, not stopping them”.

Creative forum opens with the premiere of the Norilsk polar drama theatre. VL. Mayakovsky’s “Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro” – the vaudeville on Beaumarchais’s play staged by the honored Continue reading

Seven advantages of Marketing Festival


9-11 June in Odessa will be held the VII international Festival of Marketing is a prestigious event for thoughtful professionals. The event, a must for marketing Directors of well-known companies, strategy development which involves the integration of the global digital community.

Not every event of marketing has a set of qualities that can captivate and cause an irresistible desire to take part in it. Moreover, professional developments lately is more and more, and to understand the assessment criteria is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are such events, the level of which exceeds the average market several orders of magnitude. First on the list of prestigious and important projects that determine the development trend of the industry for the coming year certainly is the international Festival of marketing, the Marketing Jazz Fest. Comment on the advantages of this event we invited Oksana Todorov, President of the Association of Corporate Media of Ukraine, the co-organizer of the Festival.

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Review: Festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid (Sydney, Australia)


In Sydney every year at the end of may-beginning of June for the festival of music and Vivid light. His full name Vivid Sydney: A Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. In my opinion, the time of year was chosen, because it gets dark quite late, so it makes sense to start to turn on the backlight six hours. On the other hand, there is a chance that it doesn’t rain. This year’s lucky and the rains have not yet watered.

The essence of this festival is that the entire waterfront of Circular quay, Opera, and part of the rocks area is decorated with lights. Moreover, Shine not only at home, who were standing there all the time, but also there establish new and unusual sculptures and installations, which you can watch absolutely free. Also at this time I invite all sorts of musical groups that perform at the Sydney Opera house, but on these shows already have to buy tickets. This year this festival is held from may 25 to June 11.

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