New year for children. History
  New year's day. . What is this — a holiday that unites all of us childhood joys, or a bag of trouble that every th­tov to shoulder voluntarily and,…

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Who said that the holidays are over? The carnival continues!
  Late winter - early spring is the time for carnivals! Large and small, carnivals boldly walking the streets of Europe and America, attracting the attention of all the inhabitants…

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The Frankness of the Brazilian carnival

All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring.

For almost a month across Europe and America passed numerous festivals. Culminated in the largest and most famous carnival held last weekend — Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro: 6 million and 900 thousand tourists filled the streets to see the fun parades and extravagant processions of the best Samba schools.

In today’s edition of photos from carnivals and various parades that took place the last few weeks around the world.

Carnivals — this is the costumed holidays associated with masked balls and colorful parades, folk festivals and theatrical performances. They are celebrated before lent.

Carnival in Nazare da Mata in the northeast of Brazil, on March2

“the King of gastronomy” — the so-called this year the main theme of the carnival in nice, France, March 2,

Carnival in Venice under the title “the Wonder and fantasy nature”, Italy, February 23,.

Traditional regatta on the Grand canal during the Venetian carnival. Venice, Italy, on 16 February .(Photo By Marco Secchi | Getty Images):

The parade of witches in Waldkirch, Germany, March 1, .

And here’s the devil’s carnival in the small village of Luzon, Spain, March 1, .

Carnival procession in the southeastern Macedonia, in the city of Strumica, March 1

Carnival in Lozovik, Serbia, March 2, 2014. According to local tradition, the children go from house to house to collect the eggs and jump over the fire to banish evil demons.

Carnival in Portugal and the reflection of the devil in a puddle, March 1, .

Parade along Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 2, . People an incredible amount.

Believes himself to be the avatar. Rio, on March 1, .

Copacabana beach — one of the most famous beaches not only in Rio de Janeiro, but the rest of the world. And catch lightning here — special luck.

Well, most colorful and most famous carnival in the world takes place in Rio de Janeiro. And the Samba schools are preparing for this event thoroughly: make scenery, platforms, costumes.

It’s sambadrome — the most important place in Rio de Janeiro. Here is the famous carnival, here incredible swim platform Samba schools. The ongoing riot of colors and dance from the stands see tens of thousands of spectators.

The sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro, March 2, 2014. (Photo By Reuters | Ricardo Moraes):

The Sambadrome out the most famous and expensive of a Samba school. Participants spend on decorations, costumes and platform up to 1 million dollars a year! To understand, where does the money, the pictures in this post

The show is accompanied by parades and performances of various Samba schools. Rio, on March 2, 2014.

At the carnival, each Samba school presents its “scene”, pre-prepared story dedicated to Brazil and beyond. (

Every year, the Brazilian carnivals is becoming more expensive. The Samba schools are competing in the complexity of platforms and colorful costumes. The sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro, March 2,