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History of the New year. How was the holiday?
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Author scripts of holidays

To prepare for the holiday and giving torzhestvennoi of atmosfery, we recommend you to decorate the room decorations. Choose what will suit you .

“Colours of autumn”

(script competition and game programs for 8-11 October 2009.)

(for a fun music presenters come in bright dresses, parasols, umbrellas are arranged on the stage.)

Good evening, dear friends!

In this room not for the first time

We spend the autumn ball,

Bal us gathered together today!

-Autumn is such a colourful mixture of colors!

-Autumn is a riot of nature!

-Autumn is a favorite time for many people because it is the brightest time of the year!

-Autumn poets dedicated their poems, and artists – paintings.

-Sing fall, fall forward.

And we were looking forward to this evening.

-Autumn is always unpredictable and the most desirable time of the year. Today, we’ll see.

( music. The parties disagree.)

1.Presentation of the jury and the team.

-“In this time of nature’s wisdom to Us in everyday life opens miracles…”, but to identify the brightest and the music team will help our jury: (submit)

– Start the ball friends!

Louder the music play,


The first competition start.

– It’s time to meet our teams, and the jury to assess their performance.

– We invite to the stage the team ___ class.

-And now let’s meet the team __ class.

-The word the team of __ class.

-Ask the jury to assess the competition task “Submission instructions”.

2.Guess what’s in the basket?

-Whirled Golden leaves!

In the dance of autumn leaves fluttering,

Our sad pensive garden

Crooning rain falls asleep.

-In gilt stands of wet forest,

On the icy wind freezes.

Autumn gives us so many miracles –

It happens only in the fall!

-Despite his mischievous disposition,

So generous, and good, and plentiful.

Harvest collects large:

Golden hostess, can be seen.

-Need to prepare for winter?

To the ends of the bins falls asleep.

To get along with in the fall can be quite –

It happens only in the fall!

– In our basket are different gifts of autumn, the teams will take turns to guess what is in here.

-You can ask leading questions to which we would answer “Yes” or “no”, if you can’t guess, then we’ll give you a little hint.

If after the tips have not guessed, we are giving the answer. Who will guess the right gifts the one that wins in this competition. Involved the whole team.


I rosy doll

From her friends away,

Will wait for Matryoshka

Let herself fall into the grass. ( Apple)

In the field panicle

In the bag of gold. (Wheat)

Red torch lit.

Here thrushes,

Starlings scurry

Autumn flowers are lit in different colors, this is another miracle of nature that decorates our life.

-This contest is called “Flower fields”

– The teams are asked questions who will give more correct answers wins the competition. Involved the whole team.

-Issues the commands:

In the meadows sisters – the Golden eye, white cilia.


– In Paris the Queen of this festival is called Rosieres. Which colors she made a wreath? (Of roses.)

In Japan, these flowers in the fall put on the platforms of railway stations, to be seen by as many people as possible. (Chrysanthemums.)

-In the U.S. city of Holland, populated by the descendants of Dutch immigrants, in the middle of may is a festival of colours. (The tulips.)

-And if you’re lucky, on some island or forest lake will see the legendary plant of Ancient Egypt. And even his eye is not immediately believe it. And yet it’s true: the huge leaves of this plant covers the surface of lakes, and the flowers smell so wonderful! (Lotus)

– A plant of the family Asteraceae, the flowers in baskets of two types, orange or yellow, edible, their fruits can be added to salads. Achenes very bizarre, without any adaptations for distribution by the wind. Applied for skin cleansing, disinfection of wounds, is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. (calendula).

Now ask the jury to assess the competition.

5. Go through a puddle.

If rain and fog,

If you feel sad and lonely,

You just need to smile!

Through all the puddles past.

-But, as you tossed and whipped!

The rain slashed their wind.

Coped nature, and it

This precious time.

– The next contest autumn “Walk through a puddle”. Involved a boy and a girl from each team.

– Imagine that now we have a downpour while on the road formed a large puddle. You need to overcome this obstacle over bumps, with boots and umbrella. Show your originality and resourcefulness.

-The first team ready? Started!

-The second team ready? Started!

Is this team ready? Started!

-Evaluation of the jury.

6. Homework: musical number.

-Autumn wind took all the notes, but our teams have in reserve melodies that never flew after the dance of autumn leaves.

– So perhaps sounding music homemade musical numbers will be a surprise.

-With his musical guest is invited team __ class.

– And now, the musical task __ class.

– Welcome to your number __ class.

Stretched cranes.

-All grim face of nature –

Blackened gardens,

Naked forest

Macnut bird voices.

-Field black-and-white became,