The Frankness of the Brazilian carnival
All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring. For almost a month across Europe and America passed numerous…

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Festival of Brazilian cinema
Petersburg for the third time overwhelmed by the riot of colour and excitement of the Brazilian film Festival Within four days the festival will present the best of contemporary culture…

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Christmas Holidays


Winter! Residents of Sound city are preparing to celebrate the New Year . which prepares surprises for everyone!

On the eve of the New year in the Sound city brought a gift for the business, and started a holiday offer!

In the holiday shop appeared three special gift: the Gift of Frost . Gift snow maiden and the Gift of the elf .

Buying gifts to 2 January 2015 . you increase the progress to receive a special prize – the Storm Area . Better than a gift — the better the range of chances. Once the progress reaches 100%, you are guaranteed to get +1 level wonderful Christmas artifact — The Storm Area !

Thunderstorm Areas gives a distinct advantage to its owner in the struggle for Territory .

A unique artifact has 25 levels .

The artifact will allow you to reduce the cooldown of licenses for Battles up to 3 times and get up to 50% more points of influence . and up to 100% more fame !

The duration of artifact – 3 months . To activate the bonus enough to have the item in stock.

For getting this wonderful artifact is no need to wait to open gifts: get him in the Christmas Lottery till 02.01.2015 !

Attention . Only until the 2nd of January gifts can be purchased with maximum discount -33% . You can buy them not only themselves, but also to give your friends. Bought Christmas gifts can be opened only after the 2nd of January . The more expensive Christmas gift, the richer the reward in it!

The gifts you will find many useful resources and valuable prizes . as well as a unique pet Cyber Girl and accessory for her Cyber Gadget .

Chinese scientist, genius and just Papa Carlo modernity, managed from a single piece of steel to create such a wonderful angel. Cyber Girl is improved by repeated precipitation from gifts to +15 level and has three unique abilities :

Adoration (0 level) . The emergence of the cyborg marked by the enthusiasm of the hero and the raising of his inspiration to 100%. Throughout his life, the pet will act as a Muse character and elevate his talent.

Death ray (1 level) . Light that has passed through the prism blue sapphire eyes of the robot, creates a powerful concentrated beam of bright blue. This energy flow burns through any obstacles of any material, leaving them the through holes.

Dance of blades (level 4) . His main duty considers the security of life of the host. In the event of a threat cyborg activates the program «Disarmament» — two red-hot blade cut through the objective into two or more parts.

Force field (level 8) . Vigorous «heart» iron angel produces energy plasma. Substance envelops the hero from head to toe, making him immune to damage of any type and giving him super powers.

Cyber Gadget Is a Glamorous accessory, designed exclusively for Cyber-girls . Pre-installed software «Universal soldier v.5.0» optimizes the operation of the Central process, speeds up the exchange of information within an artificial neural network and increases the performance battle robot to 200%.

Order Mad Sam .

Mad Sam presented to the world his creation — Cushion . which he is ready to give to anyone who has time to fulfill his Commission to 2 January 2015 .

This robot is a cutie the most successful brainchild of Mad Sam over the last few years. The software allows the robot to navigate freely in the Sound city, and its design features allow it to move through difficult terrain. The main function of the Cushion — to find in the pile of destroyed Muz-furs corny and retrieve them for the benefit and prosperity of the owner . The robot removes the dependency on the mains. It is equipped with a new system of charging batteries with solar light — with an efficiency of 80%.

One day Cushion +0 level can detect and collect 200 tornow . Each successive modification increases the speed and improves the performance of the servo system, which affects the number of collected tornou a day. Cushion +2 will extract 700 tornou a day. The most advanced Cushion +level 5 will be able to bring its owner by 4500 tornou a day!

New Roller is charged to the max — after receiving it 5 times in a row to collect thorny . The warranty work Cushion from the Creator of any modification is exactly 30 days .

Get this cute and useful robot till 02.01.2015 only following the orders of a Mad Sam!

Frostbitten studios

Residents can freeze your Studio equipment, temporarily giving it additional properties!

Freeze Studio you can use the snowflakes . which in turn fall out with scumbags on site . Same with thugs fall to the collections . Kai’s heart and the Coupling of Gerda .

Kai’s heart — amulet required ruthless warrior, increases strength and agility of the hero . Is pumped up to +5 re-deposition.

Clutch Gerda — stylish winter accessory that increases the talent and tenacity of the hero . Is pumped up to +5 re-deposition.

In a special section of the store you can buy Christmas weapons: Bubbly, Snow and Icicle .

Christmas club.

The entrance to the club is in exchange for Mandarin. Great prizes and rare Christmas drinks guaranteed!

During the holidays over the Sound city circle special tournaments . They will take place daily at 13: 00 and 21: 00 on Moscow time. The winner of the main prize will receive a gift snow maiden . and the winners of the new year’s categories — gift of the Snowman .

Play in the snow, come Christmas job and send gifts to friends!

Hurry up and buy gifts with maximum discount -33% !

Open the gifts from the 2nd January 2015 !