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Moscow premiere: from summer to autumn


From 27 August to 5 September will be held the VII festival of Russian cinema “Moscow premiere”. The festival was founded by the Department of culture of Moscow, the Producer center “Watched” and the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” with the support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government and with the participation of the Interstate Fund for humanitarian cooperation of States – participants of the CIS and the Confederation of unions of filmmakers.

On August 5, the President of the festival Alexey Batalov. artistic Director and General producer of the festival Vyacheslav Shmyrov and Elena were awarded Arbatskaya Prize of the city of Moscow for the establishment and conduct of the Moscow festival of Russian cinema “Moscow premiere”.

This year in the competition of spectator sympathies “the Magnificent seven “MK” presents:

Tambourine, drum (dir. – Alex Mizgir)

Son (dir. – Larissa Sadilova)

Miracle (dir. – Alexander Proshkin)

Also in this program will be shown animated films: “little Angel”, “Gambit”, “Acumulo”, “About Basil’s Cathedral, “one, two, three! Elochka, Gori!”, “Soldier’s song”.

Event (dir. – Andrei Eshpai)

In the competitive program “Our new children’s movies” are involved:

Juncker (dir. – Igor Chernitsky)

The roof (dir. – Boris Grachevskiy)

Caution! Children! (dir. – Stanislav Lebedev)

Twelfth summer (dir. – Pavel Fattahutdinov)

First love (dir. – Egor Druzhinin)

Puppy (dir. – Maria Yevstafyev)

As part of this same program will be shown cartoons: “Sandwich”, “Trust me, hedgehog!”, “Two magician”, “Indian tea”, “Ode to the commode”, “Batch completed”, “vacuum Cleaner”.

Young viewers will be able to see the restored films of Alexander Ptushko “Ilya Muromets” (1956) and “the Tale of Tsar Saltan” (1966), the components of the program “the Returned masterpieces “Mosfilm” for children”.

The festival opens with a film by Karen Shakhnazarov “Ward No. 6”. And the closing film will be the picture of Pavel Lungin’s “Tsar”. where his last role was played by Oleg Yankovsky. Also to the memory of Oleg Ivanovich in the framework of the “Forum of national cinematographies” (a retrospective of the production work) will be shown Moldavian painting “Procrustean bed” .

The forum of national cinematographies takes place in the framework of the festival “Moscow premiere” for the second time. This year viewers will be able to see the premiere:

Love thief (dir. – Ernest Abdyjaparov / Kyrgyzstan)

East yard with a wry moon (dir. – Zulfiqar Musakov / Uzbekistan)

Other side (dir. – George Ovashvili / Georgia-Kazakhstan)

Life (dir. – Rajabali Peers / Tajikistan)

Don’t look in the mirror (dir. – Suren Babayan / Armenia)

One day I will Wake up (dir. Marina Kondratieva / Ukraine)

Mother’s heaven (dir. – Aktan Arym Kubat (Abdykalykov) / Kazakhstan)

The fortieth door (dir. Elchin Musa oglu / Azerbaijan)

I was here (dir. – Rene Vilbre / Estonia)

And in a subforum dedicated to producing the works that will be shown films of different years:

The spell of sin (dir. – Algimantas Of Puipa / Lithuania)

She (dir. – Yusup Razykov / Uzbekistan)

Songs of the South seas (dir. Read More / Kazakhstan-Russia-Germany-France)

Heart bear (dir. – Arvo IHO / Estonia-Germany-Czech Republic-Russia)

In the “Special event” is expected to first show in Moscow paintings by Vasily Sigarev “Top”. the demonstration of the documentary “Nikolina Gora. The epilogue” (dir. – Vitaly Mansky), and screenings of the trilogy Sergei Solovyov in the composition of the film “AssA”. “2-AssA-2” and “Anna Karenina” .

For the second year in a row the festival “Moscow premiere” represents the program “Seven empowerments. XXI century”, which is composed of retrospectives of the films of active filmmakers of the new generation. This year will be shown the film:

writer Yuri Korotkov. “American” (dir. – Dmitry Meskhiev / 1997), “9th company” (dir. – Fyodor Bondarchuk / 2005), “dudes” (dir. Valery Todorovsky / 2008);

producer Sergei Selyanov. “Angel’s day” (dir. – Sergey Selyanov, Nikolai Makarov / 1980 – 1988), “Checkpoint” (dir. – Alexander Rogozhkin / 1998), “Scarecrow” (dir. – Alexander Kott / 2000), “Restroom story – a love story” (dir. – Konstantin Bronzit / 2006), “Trofim” (as part of the anthology “arrival of a train”. dir. – Aleksey Balabanov / 1995), “Morphine” (dir. – Aleksey Balabanov / 2008);

In 2009 in the framework of the festival “Moscow premiere” will celebrate three anniversaries: the 10th anniversary of the magazine “Cinema”, the 30th anniversary of the Oscar-winning film by Vladimir Menshov “Moscow does not believe in tears” and the 85th anniversary of the legendary film Director Tatyana Lioznova. For the anniversary of Tatyana Mikhailovna timed retrospective “film Director Tatyana Lioznova. On the background of teachers and students”, which is included in the programme of preparatory activities. From 19 to 26 August, the viewers could see the movies Tatyana Lioznova: “Evdokia”. “The sky submits to them”. “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”. “We, the undersigned” ; movies of pupils and with pupils: “Dyuba-Dyuba” (dir. Alexander Hwang), “the Cage for Canaries” (dir. – Pavel chukhraj), “Ellipses” (dir. – Andrei Eshpai) and film teachers – Sergei Gerasimov’s “Young guard” .

Birthday magazine celebrated retrospective “Watched in 10 years: 1999 – 2008”, and consisting of the brightest Russian films of the last decade: “the Wild field” (dir. – Mikhail Kalatozishvili), “Moscow” (dir. – Alexander Zeldovich), “Penny. VAZ 2101” (dir. Ivan DYKHOVICHNY), mermaid (dir. – Anna Melikyan), “Cruelty” (dir. Marina Lyubakova), “First on the moon” (dir. – Alexey Fedorchenko), “Magnetic storms” (dir. – Vadim Abdrashitov), “Down house” (dir. – Roman Kachanov), “Four” (dir. – Ilya Khrzhanovsky), “Barack” (dir. – Valery Ogorodnikov).

During the festival the audience will have the opportunity to see the 108 films, of which 54 are first-run, 54 – a retrospective.

The festival “Moscow premiere” will end on September 5.