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Autumn festivals of Europe. What festivals will be held in Europe this fall


Autumn came, but this does not mean that it is time to prepare for winter hibernation and with nostalgia to revisit photos from summer vacation. All right now all over the world the fun begins! Tours of Europe — the main tourist destination of autumn, which can be combined with a visit to the best European festivals. presents an overview of the best festivals of 2013! Get ready to book flights, we have prepared the best.

28 — 30 September

The oyster festival in Galway

The idea of the oyster festival in Galway emerged as a publicity stunt, the owner of the local hotel, who wanted to extend the autumn season and to attract more visitors. This idea was so liked by the citizens and guests of the city, which already 58-once Galway collects shellfish lovers. There is always a lot of music, entertainment, competitions and master classes, and, of course, oysters.

The festival begins with Irish championship opening oysters, which involved experts in this business from all over the country! Interestingly, two days later, the winners of the competition will participate in the world Cup (which is only there in the world!)

The first oyster season opens mayor, and he also heralds the beginning of the festival: the procession of musicians, vintage cars, colorful wagons moving along the main street of the city to a huge Tent oysters, around which are the main event of the festival. During the festival in Golwa regularly held carnivals, and in each and every pub with a cold beer smoked salmon and oysters with lemon juice.

21 September — 6 October 2013

Oktoberfest, Munich (Germany)

Perhaps, Oktoberfest is the best and most famous beer festival in the world. Tradition to gather in the fall at the Theresienwiese and taste the best beer with delicious Bavarian snacks for over 200 years, and until now the festival has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, every year the holiday becomes more ambitious, and fun — more.

Cannon shots notify all the participants that beer marathon is open, the mayor of Munich, inaugurated the barrel and Oktoberfest starts. Recommend you don’t miss a procession in honor of the opening, because it is the most beautiful and best organized in the world!

Through the main streets of Munich will be a festive procession of carriages and carts of beer, which delivered the best Breweries from all over Germany, behind them will be the columns of Riflemen and a brass band. Its popularity Oktoberfest won the relaxed atmosphere and incomparable Bavarian flavor. The festival throughout the day accompanied by a varied and rich show program: here and costumed performances, and concerts, and horse racing, and theatre and farce. Each tent Breweries participating in the Oktoberfest is trying to involve as many people as possible, and you need to try and outdo the other amount of entertainment.

Usually, in the center of the tent is arranged a stage where live performances, and on the perimeter of the tent placed long wooden tables, between which deftly dodging waitresses dressed in national costumes with 10 liter mugs of beer. Beer soft pretzels served with salt, fried meat, sausages and other delicious edibles.

Each year, Oktoberfest is coming up to 7 million visitors, who drink about 7 million liters of beer, eat up to 1.5 million chickens and fried sausages.

10 — 21 October

The festival of light in Berlin

Only four days separated from each other by two large-scale festival in Germany. Just have time to get from Munich to Berlin to see the stunning opening of the Festival of light. This year from 10 to 21 October over 70 of the most significant places of the city will Shine in a new way. The festival of light in Berlin has been held since 2005 and every time a new installation of the townspeople and tourists. For 11 days after dark Berlin is transformed into a fabulous surreal world, with architectural monuments, parks and boulevards incredible colors.

This holiday in Berlin, conceived and organized by the mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit in order to show that the city at night no less beautiful than during the day. And most interestingly, the popularity of the festival among tourists caught up with Christmas markets.

The main objects of light installations annually become Brandenburg gate, TV tower, Alexanderplatz, the street Unter den Linden, Berlin Cathedral, Main station, castle Charlottenburg and the residence of the Chancellor.

To see all objects of the festival, the city go special buses LightLiner, river trams allow you to see the city from a distance, you can also see the city from a height, taking a hot air balloon ride.

18 — 27 October

Chocolate festival in Perugia (Italy)

All sweet tooth in October, you should definitely go to Italy. In Perugia, which itself is charming and handsome, a yearly Festival of chocolate. For a whole week Perugia becomes the chocolate capital of the world, and, incidentally, by chance!

The festival is also famous for its chocolate city. In the old part of Perugia appears real chocolate state, where the walls, statues, cavalry, weapons made of this sweet treat. Also at the festival you can try all options of treats: chocolate mint and pepper, lemon zest and cognac, with nuts, fruit, and even chocolate cheese.