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Festival of Brazilian cinema

Petersburg for the third time overwhelmed by the riot of colour and excitement of the Brazilian film Festival

Within four days the festival will present the best of contemporary culture of Brazil – latest news cinema, colorful dance forró, the national martial art capoeira, which combines elements of dance, acrobatics and games, as well as an exhibition of photographs devoted to the cult fascination with the Brazilians, which divides the whole world – football.

In the film program includes 8 films by Brazilian Directors. The “magnificent eight” includes films of different genres from Comedy to art-house drama.

The expectations of the public, few familiar with the Brazilian cinema, very clear and expressive, emotionally rich, full music and romantic conflicts, cheerful scene. The carnival, one word. Of course, these optimistic anticipation of a larger audience will definitely justified at the upcoming festival. However, such conventional expectations only partly fair. After all, cinema Brazil has a long and successful history, which has contributed to the world of cinema. From famous paintings “the great silent” until the rebirth of the “new Brazilian cinema” in the middle of the twentieth century to the contemporary achievements of filmmakers this distant overseas country wide way, which now breaks out new names. And for a sophisticated audience, passionately waiting for the festivals of national cinematographies of new discoveries in the category “cinema not for all”– in the Brazilian poster of the review in Petersburg there own line

In the program this year three Comedy. Here’s the romantic Comedy-melodrama by Roberto Santucci “Upside down 2” / De Pernas Pro Ar 2, tells about the vicissitudes of life of the owner of a sex shop. And incredibly funny and sentimental story of the same Roberto Santucci “Till luck do us part” /Até quea Sortenos Separe, about lottery millionaire who put the state on the wind, expertly hiding his bankruptcy from his wife. And light Comedy from the Director of Betz de Paula “Buy or rent” / Vendoou Alugoo how to sell a house in Rio de Janeiro, which nobody wants to buy.

I won’t miss and those who will come to the opening film of Breno Silveira “Gonzaga: from father to son” / Gonzaga de pai para filho. Beautiful musical biographical drama about the legendary musician of the 20th century, one of the most significant musical direction Música Popular Brasileira, thanks to which became popular rhythms of the traditional music of Northern Brazil – forró, Shawty, Salado Bayou, etc. “Gonzaga” is a film and won the love of the people, awards and critical acclaim. This movie, with a terrific soundtrack, loved by Brazilians.

However, in addition to fun, the Brazilian cinema is ready to present to the Russian public and other facets of his temperament. In love drama “Artificial Paradise” / Paraísos Artificiais directed by Marcos Prado tells the story of a great love, which originated as a teenage passion with diverse erotic shades and immersion into the world of Ravers and electronic music, and finally “growing up” to adult family life.

In the program there is a nod to the fans of art cinema. These events promise to be two paintings and praised festival in the cinematic world. The first is last year’s winner of the prestigious festival in Annecy (France), extremely large-scale animated historical Saga “Rio 2096: a story of love and anger” / Uma História de Amor Fúria. The film tells us the love story that develops more than 600 years amid the four main stages of development of Brazil’s colonization, slavery, military regime and the distant future (the year 2096, in the midst of wars for water). The second picture is truly headliner Brazilian week in the Northern capital –” Sounds around” / O Somao Redor, directed by Kleber, Mendonca Filho, criminal urban drama, giving a taste of the real spirit of contemporary Brazil. The film won many festivals around the world from San Francisco, new York and Chicago to Copenhagen and Lisbon. The top of the pattern recognition was awarded a coveted “Tiger” for best feature film at the leading European festival of art-house cinema in Rotterdam.

So, in the Brazilian week everyone will be able to find something. Despite the fact that all the movies are totally different, they share one thing: they are imbued with a lust for life and the richness of colors that every Brazilian gets by birth.

The festival will be held at the Rodina cinema center, which has long been considered the most relevant platform independent and festival films. The opening invited well-known actors and Directors from Brazil, and domestic filmmakers and artists. Every day in the foyer of the cinema viewers will find a real Brazilian carnival dance performances, face and body art, traditional Brazilian music and much more.