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Festival of peace and kindness


“In the whole world there is no holiday more beautiful and more beautiful no celebration”, – such words were heard at the Christmas concert in the drama theatre, Kursk. This concert is a Christmas miracle for us, and each time you get a new. This time the actors and the script gave us the chance at a Christmas party and “visit” at a ball in the 19th century, and “walk”

in the winter woods, and even “ride” in a sleigh, rushing on to the stage.

Traditionally, the concert began in the evening on Christmas day and collected hundreds of Kursk, which pleased his art artists – pupils of Sunday schools of the churches of the diocese of Kursk, creative teams Kursk state Philharmonic. The concert was opened with the speech of the children and youth choir “Lamp” the Church of All Saints (head Rimma Damn): sounded troparion and kontakion of the Nativity.

Smoking congratulated Metropolitan Kursk and Rylsky Herman and the Governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov.

The whole Orthodox world, dear brothers and sisters, celebrating the birth of Christ, said Bishop Herman. Is the main event in sacred history: remember the birth on earth of the son of God! God became a helpless baby, to go all the way earthly life, was in all things like unto us except sin. In the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ was manifested the love of God to the human race. And we must have the same reciprocal love for God. I want to wish you all a grace-filled world, which is so necessary in the relations not only between countries and peoples, but also peace in our society, peace in your families, peace in the soul of each person. Only through peace we must solve all the problems, to move forward confidently. In the relationship between people was filled with the love, respect, support, understanding. I want the Lord has blessed us in the New year with your mercies, success, health.

Today the sharp struggle between the forces of good and evil, – said Alexander Mikhailov. We must do everything to traditions based on Orthodoxy, were saved. In this respect, we have a close cooperation of the Orthodox and the secular authorities. We must unite the people. The loss of moral positions – the strongest loss, which will result in huge troubles. You see what is happening in Ukraine… So I wish you all the unity, cohesion, peace, kindness. And we from its part will do everything to facilitate this. Christmas and family, and public, and Slavic holiday. There is a little family. There is more – our region. A family that unites all – Russia. I want all families, from the smallest to the largest, there was harmony, peace, kindness.

A wonderful gift to the audience was wonderful music Kursk composer Mikhail Artemov: there were choral paintings “Winter” on the poems of the monk Lazarus (Afanaseva) performed by children’s chorus “the Rapture” and Junior choir «Swiecicka” the Sunday school at the Church of the ascension (Director Svetlana Kostina, choreography performances – the teacher of children’s art school №7 Olga Mukhina).

Choir brilliantly embodied the author’s intent of the composer, says Director of concert programs of the diocese Olga Makarova. Eight choral patterns with small miniature children’s rooms, the audience reacted in the same breath.

Performed by soloists of the Kursk state Philharmonic Hopes Alyabyevo and Olga Tarabarova accompanied by an instrumental ensemble under the direction of Oleg Ovcharenko the audience to hear their favorite songs of the past years. The audience admired the voices of soloists FCT Andrei Kapralov, the deserved actress of Russia Irina Starodubtseva. The premiere concert was “Christmas party” – dance to the music of Tchaikovsky’s ballets in the exemplary performance of the ensemble of ballroom dance called “Hope” municipal cultural centre “Lira” under the leadership of Irina Maklakova.

– More than a half century musical symbol of Christmas and new year holidays revered ballet music of Tchaikovsky, – says Olga Makarova. – In the fairy images ballets he embodied the noble dream of the eternal goodness, love, happiness. This dream was born from the distant prayers of the future composer: “o Lord, grant to all Russian people as much happiness as You gave it to me!” the Whole world holds this music, which became the occasion and the celebration of beauty and perfection. Today we saw a real ball: so many officers in Apollo to the scene of the Kursk drama theatre has not yet appeared.

The audience was enthusiastic, the scenes of folk festivals “merry Christmas!” – the performance of groups of ethnotheatre «Russian fairy tale: the ensemble of Cossack song “faith”, folklore ensemble “quarter” of spiritual cinema center of culture named after M. Schepkin (Director Elena Red).

In the final chorus of pupils of the Sunday school and Center for early musical development of children at the Holy Trinity convent presented the premiere of Kursk songs composer Irina Sergunchikboss to the words of the sisters of the monastery “Christmas”.

Every year the audience pay attention to the original, creating a joyful atmosphere of the festival, the stage design of the Christmas concert, the undisputed author of the project which is Svetlana Filina.

Sound engineers Elena Chuikov and Svetlana Morozova brilliantly complemented the harmony of the holiday, lots of Christmas “live” paintings that was displayed on the screen.