Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world
Our idea of a wedding is the flowers and embellishments on the hood of the car, stealing the bride, varnish, glitter, Shoe instead of a glass, catching the bouquet, the…

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fresh cvv
Festival-fair "Golden autumn" will take place
  In the framework of the Year of environmental protection in the Russian Federation, with the support of Novoshakhtinsk of the local branch of the Rostov regional branch of all-Russian…

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Review: Festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid (Sydney, Australia)


In Sydney every year at the end of may-beginning of June for the festival of music and Vivid light. His full name Vivid Sydney: A Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. In my opinion, the time of year was chosen, because it gets dark quite late, so it makes sense to start to turn on the backlight six hours. On the other hand, there is a chance that it doesn’t rain. This year’s lucky and the rains have not yet watered.

The essence of this festival is that the entire waterfront of Circular quay, Opera, and part of the rocks area is decorated with lights. Moreover, Shine not only at home, who were standing there all the time, but also there establish new and unusual sculptures and installations, which you can watch absolutely free. Also at this time I invite all sorts of musical groups that perform at the Sydney Opera house, but on these shows already have to buy tickets. This year this festival is held from may 25 to June 11.

When I was going to go, I researched a little about the Vivid festivals on the official website, but didn’t really elaborate on. And I somehow had the impression that there’s not important lighting and music. So, I just wanted to see the unusual lighting of the Opera and the customs building. I thought I was going to stay there for a half hour and go. But when I arrived, I realized that I was wrong. All sorts of sculptures and highlights there were so many, so to avoid all that for half an ridiculous thought, I’m not even hoping that there will be a whole gallery of modern art, open-air.

Each “exhibit” standing here like this post,

on which is written the number, the name of the sculpture (installation, illumination), the author and a map. The card looks like this.

Here you can trace all the rooms of this exhibition. The numbering begins from the Opera (she is in extreme right corner), then continues to the South (i.e. down) along the seafront, turn to Circular Quay, and then again goes North (up) to the rocks area where most of the exhibits. I even think that if you approach this thoughtfully and to set as a goal to avoid all-all 63 rooms, one night is not enough. I checked almost all but the most extreme of the left.

So, what you are going to see. First, it is the Opera house, on which is depicted a whole light show. Here is one of the highlights of this “show”, you can see that the color is so clear that the Opera though it is painted and not highlighted.

Here is another point.

On the way from the Opera house to Circular Quay and, accordingly, the customs building, also there are a few installations.

For example, here is the garden of lights.

Or here is such a wall, which I did not understand what it means.

Also there are strollers in the form of like these fish.

Customs house is also beautiful.

It also depicts something like a light show, but rather in the form of a cartoon. On the wall of the custom that it is raining,

then flowers bloom.

Not left without attention of the building of the Museum of Modern Art. On it, as he expected, show some kind of abstraction.

Along the waterfront you can also see a lot of the sculptures. For example, here such here “TIC-TAC-toe”.

Or the glowing garden.

I still liked these bikes with wings. Children (or adults) sit on them, and the photos are such, as if sitting on the bike have wings.

Even this unusual installation. Its essence is stronger than the surrounding people scream, the more it glows.

Unusual views on street, hung with lanterns.

But these memes in clothing from the clouds, can be photographed.

There is still a lot of things, just not all turns out well in the photos due to the fact that I have to photograph at night.

In the rocks, by the way, the market works, about which I wrote earlier in the review about this area, so late that I barely took the legs, gathered all her courage not to buy another pair of earrings or a bag of lavender.

Also are all the cafes and restaurants, so you can have dinner or go to a bar.

Of the minuses can say that at this time there are a lot of people. On the other hand, people are not so much in the center of St. Petersburg during such events or concerts. In Peter at all I’m afraid to drive to the center of the city at this time, because a thick wall of people scares me. In Sydney people at the festival a lot, but I wish the crowd would compare with the crowd during rush hour on Nevsky – a lot of people, constantly pushing, but tolerable.

And I was surprised at how transportation is organized. A lot of people, much more than usual, but there’s no colchuck at bus stops, and buses depart not scored, even with empty seats.