New year for children. History
  New year's day. . What is this — a holiday that unites all of us childhood joys, or a bag of trouble that every th­tov to shoulder voluntarily and,…

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Festival of Brazilian cinema
Petersburg for the third time overwhelmed by the riot of colour and excitement of the Brazilian film Festival Within four days the festival will present the best of contemporary culture…

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The Best contests for children on children’s dayries


When conducting any children’s party adults always occurs the same problem: you have to find and prepare interesting contests for children. And what they are, interesting, and where to get them? The Vedas every year I want something new! Here it is to help such caring parents we have prepared this compilation, which gathered the most fun contests for children. In most of them, as in other children’s games, you can play as on the street. and in the room. And in almost any celebration, starting with the New year, and ending with children’s Day. Choose, learn and play!

The contest “Sleight of foot”

Kids line up in two teams. In front of each team a few metres away from her is a chair or other “objective”. Each child is given an inflated balloon. By the master, the child grasps the ball with his feet and jumps should get to the chair, running around it and return to his team.

Which team will finish faster competition, and won. The balls are children, and the team – the winner is awarded Souvenirs.

The contest “Eat – don’t eat”

Selected presenter. He turns to each child says a word and asked: “Eat?” The child should quickly answer “Yes” or “no”. Wrong – eliminated last one left, and he won.

The contest “the prompt”

A very famous game which is loved by children of different generations. We have to put the chairs in a circle, backs to deploy in the center of the circle. Of chairs is one less than children. At the signal, leading children run around the chair. On another signal, all should take the nearest chair. Anyone without a place, he is eliminated. When you tour one chair is removed. The winner is the last one left.

The contest “unloaded and hobbled horses”

Children are divided into two teams. They tie a ribbon on his feet at the ankles. At the signal everyone from both teams have to jump to the chair, who stands 5 metres away from them, go around it and jumps back to his team, passing the baton to another. Whose team quickly completed the task and won. Of course, here we must observe safety rules: there should be no obstacles. It is best to conduct this competition in nature.

Contests for children on children’s Day

Children’s day, celebrated on 1 June, the children look forward to. The way of the many years that this day in all the cities for the children of all the parks are open and free use of all the rides. But the celebration is not complete and memorable, if adults do not prepare for it in advance.

Contests and entertainment are very reminiscent of the contests for the birthday child. But there is a significant difference. As a celebration for all children, and we need to make the script of the holiday, was involved in competitions every child. What can you suggest?

The contest “drawing on asphalt”

This contest is the most popular with children of any age. Children, especially young children, draw anywhere just get my children handle: on the walls, on the floor, on the tables. In this competition children are provided in their use of the asphalt. All children are dealt with colored crayons and encourage children to Express their creativity in the form of a drawing, without limiting it in any area, “easel”, nor in fantasy. Then all the kids are choosing the best picture. Of course, no gift is not no child.

The contest “Esmeralda song”

All children listen to the verse of a famous song in a live performance (in this case the entry will not work). Suddenly, the singer falls silent, and the children choir needs to sing this song. The kids love choral singing. Even shy kid singing along to your favorite song, not afraid to be funny, because he is “in the shadow” and nobody pays attention.

Music competition “Dance karaoke”

On stage invite a child or several children. Invited him to sing at a children’s favorite karaoke song. And so the kids have more fun and not boring, that’s the song they perform a lively dance. Again, in some way.

Music contest “Disco”

Similar to the previous contest, but with a slight difference. On stage invite a child or even a children’s group from the dance Studio, who sings to the accompaniment of some dance, which do not require execution in the couple and the children are happy to participate in the process, repeating a simple movement.

Competition Puzzles

The stage children make puzzles, and all the children in chorus answer them. Then the children desire to go on stage and make his riddle. For this they receive a piece of candy or a small souvenir.

The Contest “The Water Carrier”

Children are divided into two teams and line up behind each other. Near each team with a full bucket of water, and in front, a 5 – 6 metres from them, there are two empty buckets. Children hear a clean sponge. At the whistle the front facing the child dip the sponge in a bucket of water and runs to his empty bucket and squeeze the sponge and returned to his team, becoming “the tail”. This competition occurs under the cheerful shouts of fans – kids. Which team will quickly fill the bucket with water, and won.