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Festival-fair “Golden autumn” will take place


In the framework of the Year of environmental protection in the Russian Federation, with the support of Novoshakhtinsk of the local branch of the Rostov regional branch of all-Russian political party «United Russia», in the city of Novoshakhtinsk on 12 October 2013 has passed festival «Golden autumn 2013″, organized by the culture Department of the city Administration (head – N.G. Konovalov).

The main purpose of the festival was to attract the broad masses of the population to the problems of urban ecology, environmental education, creativity, active participation in the cultural life of the city.

The festival was attended by members and creative teams of cultural institutions, pupils, pupils of kindergartens, vocational schools No. 58,61, professional Lyceum № 59, Novoshakhtinsk branch of the College named after P. I. Stepanov, representatives of departments of the city Administration, residents of the city.

The creativity of the participants of the festival were judged by the jury – the Deputy Head of the city Administration on social issues Turkasova E. I. head of Department of culture of Administration of the city Konovalova N. G. the head of Department of education of the city Administration Bahtinov Etc. Deputy Head of the city Administration on economic issues of ermochenko M. V. Deputy Novoshakhtinsk city Council, Director of SEI RO OSISKO No. 33 Shevchenko N. F. the head of the Executive Committee of Novoshakhtinsk of the local branch of the Rostov regional branch of all-Russian political party «United Russia» Panasyuk, V. A., Director of CYSS children’s art school. Ovechkin, I. E. Usanova

In the category of “Autumn in my village ” it was necessary to place the exposure in literary, musical, theatrical form to tell about the best sides of life and nature of the village. The winners are:

the village of Sokolovo – congruency and the village of Kirov – 1st place

settlements bitter and Sambac – 2nd place ;

towns Nesvetaevsky and New Sokolovka – 3rd place .

At the festival, along with the Kirov was attended by their countryman, the Hero of Russia Viktor Viktorovich Oak.

Great work to foster a sense of love for nature. respect thereto be held in educational institutions of the city.

In the category «Ekoskola ” are:

School №38 – 1st place .

School No. 16 school No. 40 – 2nd place

MIDDLE school # 3 and school №7 – 3rd place

Among the youngest participants of the festival, pupils of kindergartens, in the category of ” eco garden ” were distributed as follows:

1 place – MBOU do “bear” and MBOU do “Spring”

2nd place – MBOU do “Friendship” and MBOU do “Teddy bear”

3rd place – MBOU DU «Podsolised” and MBOU do “Pinocchio”

In the category «Golden autumn Gifts” was presented a huge number of craft of vegetables, fruits, natural material.

1 place was taken by students of MIDDLE-Doo “bear” – Sidorova Sophia, Sergey Serdyukov, Bayramova amine, Mymrin Sophia, Sciezki Vitaly.

2nd place – the Center of Development of creativity of Children and Youth and the City House of Culture

3rd place – MIDDLE school # 7 and the House of Culture. Panov A. A.

Great imagination and a high level of skill making flower arrangements and compositions from vegetables and fruits showed the contestants in the category “a Bright autumn paints”. The winners are:

Professional Lyceum № 59 and MIDDLE school # 4 – 1st place;

School №7, school №1 – 2nd place;

club Anniversary and p. MBOU do “Friendship” – 3rd place.

The beauty of our city was widely represented at the exhibition “Pearl of the native land”. Best steel work.

Soloveva O. – 1st place; Gienko K. – 1st place;

Saradananda I. – the 2nd place;

Novoshakhtinsk branch Chrstie them. Stepanova – 3rd place.

Pleased and surprised by the guests of the festival our craftsmen, masters of home canning. The unusual, high level of aesthetics and imagination surprised everyone.

The best recognized.

1 place – club p. Sambac, Novoshakhtinsk branch Chrstie them. P. I. Stepanov

2nd place – club p. Kirov, City House of Culture

3rd place – club p. New Sokolovka

A wonderful concert for the participants and guests of the festival “autumn” showed students of Children Music School and Children School of Arts.

At the end of the festival at the closing ceremony the winners were awarded with Diplomas and memorable gifts from the Administration of the city of Novoshakhtinsk Novoshakhtinsk and the local branch of the Rostov regional branch of all-Russian political party «United Russia»

Letter of thanks of the city Administration were awarded to the guests of the city – the staff of the Department of culture Rodionovo-Donetsk district, who took an active part in the festival, designed the exhibition of decorative-applied art, gave Novoshahtinsk songs performed Cossack ensemble.

Pleased Novoshahtinsk and fair of food products from local producers, which represented confectionery, meat products, vegetables, nursery stock, roses and much more.

Department for culture of city Administration.