Christmas Holidays
  Winter! Residents of Sound city are preparing to celebrate the New Year . which prepares surprises for everyone! On the eve of the New year in the Sound city…

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Summer solstice. June 21. Lita, Midsummer, Midsummer's day
  Midsummer day, Lita and Kupala – the oldest European festivals, dedicated to the day of the summer solstice . These holidays were the most joyful and magnificently celebrated by…

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Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Our idea of a wedding is the flowers and embellishments on the hood of the car, stealing the bride, varnish, glitter, Shoe instead of a glass, catching the bouquet, the wedding cake and dressing on the second day of the wedding. But not all people adhere to this type of wedding ceremony.

Around the world, people constantly fall in love and marry. Some of them adopt other traditions, but there are those newlyweds who want to decorate their holiday crazy and unusual tradition . used in the wild tribes, which looked quite civilized. And it is this unusual wedding will remain in the memory of the spouses and guests of the wedding of a lifetime. Well, I decided, then choose!

The marriage with your beloved pet or a tree

In the distant and beautiful India, there is an unusual wedding tradition temporarily give young girls allowed to marry. The people of this country believe in the indwelling of evil spirits in girls born with ugly face or portables tooth. The only way to expel the evil spirit of Indian women is to grant her in marriage for the “smaller brother”. Most often, it is a goat or a dog.

This wedding is in compliance with all of the different traditions and pomp, dancing and dancing. The only joy for the bride is that she is not forced to perform his duty in the first night. To marry a man she can a little later when everyone decides that evil spirits come out of her. But as they define it, we are not given to understand.

Similar unusual tradition of marriage one of the spouses with the tree not distributed in one country and several reasons.

In India. In some regions there is an unwritten law that the younger brother can not marry before the elder. If the older brother is not even the chosen one, he just symbolically takes spouses in the tree, thus allowing to marry younger. The tree after the ritual cut down, the bride dies.

Nepal. Here can give a girl married to a Bel-fruit – fruit forest Apple tree, which symbolizes the God Vishnu.

Eating a donut hanging on the neck of the boy .

Unusual wedding traditions Greece is famous not only for the visit of the bride to the Church on a donkey instead of a limo. There is a very unusual tradition of farewell to girlhood. The bride has to catch the little boy to put him on his knee and put on his neck a large bagel. And that’s not the point! The main thing is that she should eat this bread, without removing from stunned youngster. And only after that comes the groom with a broom. He sweeps away all the crumbs from bridesmaid dresses and leads her to his house.

The doors in the house of the groom liberally smeared with molasses and honey or plain glue. The young wife runs to the door with ripe pomegranate and the number remaining on the door of the bones determine how many sons will be in a new family.

Dirty bride for a man in a skirt

The Scots love their wives in any form. To prove their love, they hang up on them the contents of rotten eggs, mutton guts and other crap. This tradition starannie and stronger than the famous Scotch whiskey. The bride decided to denigrate anyone, anything, preferably, sticky and ugly – paint, sour milk, Braga, flour, molasses and even manure.

And besides, the bride is tied to any ancient monument with a whistle in his mouth, where she must wait for her date.

The thicker the bride, the better

In some parts of Africa, for example, in Mauritania, girls are starting to fatten up with six years of high-calorie food, so before the wedding, they gained the necessary weight. Just full of girls don’t see no man. And most importantly, for the bride will give a huge dowry, its corresponding weight.

In Nigeria also valued the bride “in the body” . Before the wedding ceremony nigerite spend the whole year in a separate house, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and caring relatives beauties provide high-calorie food in large quantities.

Refusal to visit the bathroom after the wedding

The peoples of Borneo in Malaysia, revere very unusual traditions. These include the fact that the newlyweds first three days are not allowed to visit the bathroom. This is a very Holy tradition, during which young 72 hours do not drink, do not eat and strictly monitor each other. There is a belief that having experienced such difficulties in the first days of living together, they are all life closer together, and will only have healthy children.

Matchmaking unborn

Not new is the fact that in some countries, the engagement of the prospective spouses is in a fairly early age (2 or 5). But in Nepal about the wedding may agree parents are not yet born bride and groom. In the event of the birth of gay children, the betrothal is invalid.

Of course, these traditions are quite extreme and unusual for us, but, if desired, any of the items you can make in your wedding celebration.

In addition to specific actions, folk traditions and beliefs dictate some of the rules for wedding dresses bride and groom. Many proven Bridal salons know the specifics of individual countries and regions and are always ready to help in choosing a suitable outfit – whether it’s classical style and decorated in the folk spirit. And traditions, at least partially, creates thin thread between generations.

Summer solstice. June 21. Lita, Midsummer, Midsummer's day
  Midsummer day, Lita and Kupala – the oldest European festivals, dedicated to the day of the summer solstice . These holidays were the most joyful and magnificently celebrated by…

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