Summer solstice. June 21. Lita, Midsummer, Midsummer's day
  Midsummer day, Lita and Kupala – the oldest European festivals, dedicated to the day of the summer solstice . These holidays were the most joyful and magnificently celebrated by…

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Top 10 beach parties in the world
Warning: possible 'll need a vacation after the vacation! 1 Ibiza, Spain Unusual cocktails, the last house, constantly pulsating, best clubs, best di jeey and foam parties. Since early spring…

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The brightest carnivals


One of the most colorful and exciting events in the history of any city is the carnival in each country celebrates in their own way, but always with great magnitude.

Carnival! How many in this word. Those who at least once visited this carnival, I will never forget this unique holiday atmosphere. After all, it’s a magical time when the whole city is painted in bright colors, everywhere we hear loud music and laughter and people dancing the night away. And those who have not managed to see this spectacular event, dream on paper. Well, let me take you on a virtual tour of ten countries in which carnival season is officially open.

Members of the Samba school Dragoes di real in the first night of the carnival in Sao Paulo February 28. (Ricardo Bufolin / Getty Images)

The carnival in são Paulo, was attended by Ronaldo. On the second night of carnival – March 1 – he drove through the streets of the city in the Samba school of Gavish Yes Fil. (Miguel Schincariol / AFP – Getty Images)

Participant of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in the image of the heroine of the film “Avatar”. Carnival in Rio is the main holiday of the year for many local residents. Hundreds of thousands of fans have fun go out on the streets of Rio on numerous “quarterly” party, around town usually takes almost 500. (Felipe Dana / AP)

The participants of the carnival are on the streets during the feast of Huttig in the German town of Elzach 2 March. Luttig is a traditional carnival figure of the city, dressed in a red suit and a big straw hat, decorated with snail shells. (Patrick Seeger / AP)

Boy in a mask jumps over the fire during the carnival Bela the Poklad in the village of Lozovik, Serbia, March 2. The roots of the Bela Poklad rooted in old pagan traditions, this festival is celebrated annually during the seven weeks before Easter. Children walk through the village, collect eggs, and then jump over the fire to scare away evil spirits. (Marko Djurica / Reuters)

Caked in mud people celebrate Bloco da Lama, or “mud street party” in Parathas, Brazil. This festival was founded in 1986 by local teenagers who sponsored the Carnival, appeared in the historical centre of the city covered in mud, after followed the expedition on catching crab in a nearby mangrove forest. (Nelson Antoine / AP)

Cordao da Bola Preta is the largest street carnival in downtown Rio de Janeiro. About 2 million people have already participated in the parade this year. (Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP – Getty Images)

A little romance during the parade of Banda de Ipanema in Rio. The streets across Brazil are filled with participants of the Carnival, and the largest parties attracting more than a million visitors. (Silvia Izquierdo / AP)

“Svancara” during the parade in the village Marcelli, Croatia, March 2. According to tradition, the bell ringers go to different villages and make lots of noise to scare away evil spirits of winter and to welcome spring. Their costumes consist of white trousers and striped shirts, as well as a sheepskin thrown over her shoulders and a big bell, which is tied to the belt. (Antonio Bronic / Reuters)

“The king” leads the parade in nice, France. The theme of the carnival in the city this year was the “King of gastronomy”. (Valery Hache / AFP – Getty Images)

The driving scenery during the parade CRU Endymion in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 1. (Dan Anderson / EPA)

One of the participants of the parade in New Orleans handing out glow sticks. Holiday Mardi Gras will continue here until the weekend, and its culmination falls on fat Tuesday. (Dan Anderson / EPA)

“Pelicanos”, or hairdressers participate in the carnival Entroido in Lutz, near Ourense, Spain. (Pedro Armestre / AFP – Getty Images)

Participants in costumes “Negritas Pula” perform during the parade of the “Battle of flowers” in Barranquilla, Colombia. (John Vizcaino / Reuters)

Dancers from the Samba school Dragoes yeah Rial at its moving scenery during carnival in Sao Paulo. (Andre Penner / AP)

Member of a Samba school Tom Major on the first night of the carnival in Sao Paulo. (Nelson Almeida / AFP – Getty Images)

The participants of the carnival in nice. (Valery Hache / AFP – Getty Images)

The band “Diablada Oruro” on parade in Oruro, Bolivia. (Gaston Brito / Reuters)

People in masks at a carnival procession in the city of Strumica, 150 km South-East of Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In this day of the Macedonian carnival – Orthodox holiday – banish evil spirits dancing. Holiday is the beginning of a period of fasting before Easter. (Georgi Licovski / EPA)

Traditional dancers “Bulla” dancing in the streets of Naoussa, Greece. Bullae Naoussa – the event, which takes place during the carnival. It’s a dance event in which many elements of Greek history, traditions and religion. (Sakis Mitrolidis / AFP – Getty Images)