Unusual holidays and festivals in different countries and continents
  Of course, each nation has its own traditions, customs and festivals, many of them very original, and at first incomprehensible. In General, we all have our own standards of…

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A Review about the flower Festival (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny)
Bright colors of autumn Disadvantages: the distribution of the pie Here again ended the annual Festival of flowers "Watercolor" in Naberezhnye Chelny has been held for over 25 years. Flower…

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15 incredibly delicious salad for the holiday table


The composition and preparation:

This salad laid layers and each spread mayonnaise

1layer — chicken breast cubes

Slay — mushrooms fried with onion, salt, pepper

Slay — grated boiled carrots on a coarse grater

Slay — grated Apple

Carrot cut thin strips(fresh) and decorate the salad bow and chopped dill and parsley.

The composition and preparation:

1. onion (chopped into cubes and parboil) 2. potatoes (diced)

4. walnuts (finely grate or chop in a blender)

5. carrots (boiled, cut into cubes)

6. egg (to stretch or RUB on a large grater)

7. cheese Each layer of mayonnaise, but not a thick layer. Top it with pomegranate seeds. If you do on holiday, then gruntingly make the alphabets or drawing. It is desirable to give the salad stand for at least an hour, that would have been saturated with mayonnaise.


Products: rice (uncooked) 4 tablespoons egg 5-6 PCs. canned fish (in oil: tuna, Pacific saury, sardine, salmon) 1 Bank

Apple 1 piece onion 1 piece (small), butter 80 g mayonnaise 200 g sugar 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tbsp Preparation: cook Rice, cool.

Sauce: oil pour into a separate bowl, add 1/2 serving of mayonnaise, sugar and lemon juice. A good stir. The eggs are cooked, separate the whites from the yolks, not to destroy it if possible as we will need to format the appearance of the salad. Finely chop the onion, Apple peel and grate. Tinned fish mash with a fork. Put the salad in layers in the dish. 1st layer – chopped yolks, 2nd layer – half crushed canned, 3rd layer – rice, mayonnaise (the second part, the one that is not used for the sauce) with a fork (it is lubricated and not flooded). 4th layer – grated Apple, 5-th layer – the second half of canned food mixed with onions, 6th layer – butter rubbed on a grater (you can pre-freeze). Salad pour in the sauce, gently starting in the middle and a little to the edges. From top to expand the beautiful sliced protein. Decorate to your liking (I have cranberries and mint). Put in the refrigerator for impregnation for 2 hours.


The composition and preparation:

350-400 g smoked chicken (breast); 4 medium onion; 5 eggs; parsley; mayonnaise; vegetable oil. 1. Onion cut chetvertkoltsami, fry until Golden and leave to cool down. 2. Chicken cut into small strips. 3. Whisk 1 egg with a fork and fry in a pan egg pancake to a rosy color. Then it cooled. Do so with all the other eggs. 4. Then cut into 4 egg pancake strips, one leave for decoration. 5. Mix the onion, chicken, pancakes, add a little parsley (finely cut), dressed with mayonnaise. 6. The remaining pancake cut into long strips and spread on top of salad to get the braided pattern. Garnish with parsley leaves.


The composition and preparation:

Put layers, each layer with mayonnaise, salt to taste.

1 layer – boiled beets (grate)

2 layer-boiled carrots (grate)

6 layer – marinated mushrooms (chopped)

7 layer cheese ( grate)

8 layer – protein (grate and cover the whole salad)

Garnish with parsley, rose from beets and ribbons of carrots!


Ingredients: 1 piece of salted herring, 1 onion, 3 pieces of boiled potatoes, 1 PC. boiled carrot, 50 gr. hard cheese, 1 piece of boiled beetroot, 4 cloves of garlic, mayonnaise, parsley for decoration.

Preparation: Herring peel, cut in small cubes. Finely chop the onion. Potatoes RUB on a large grater, mix with mayonnaise. Beets RUB on a grater, squeeze out the garlic, mix with mayonnaise. Carrot and cheese cut into cubes and mix with mayonnaise. Put layers:

1 – potatoes;

2 – bow 3 – herring; 4 – beets with garlic; 5 – carrots with cheese.


Ingredients: 400 g chicken breast, a 300 g mushrooms 200 g of prunes, 200 grams of cheese, 2-3 potatoes, 2-3 eggs,

1 cucumber, Mayo for the filling Preparation:

1. Pre-boil until tender chicken breast, eggs and potatoes. Prunes pour boiling water for 15 minutes. Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil.

2. The split form layer, the first cut in medium pieces prunes. 3. Then boiled chicken breast, cut into pieces. A layer of mayonnaise. 4. Then potatoes, diced. A layer of mayonnaise. 5. Then a layer of fried mushrooms. Mayonnaise mushrooms after not add! 6. Then comes the salad a layer of grated eggs on a small grater. A layer of mayonnaise. 7. The next layer is cheese, grated on a coarse grater. 8. On top of our Venetian salad grate the cucumber on a medium grater or cut into thin rings. Decorate the salad to your liking.



cooked peeled prawns — 500 g potatoes boiled in their skins — 4 PCs. medium size, boiled eggs hard-boiled — 4 pieces red caviar — 1 can (140 g), mayonnaise


Shrimp boiled in spices (Bay leaf,black pepper,salt).