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Seven advantages of Marketing Festival


9-11 June in Odessa will be held the VII international Festival of Marketing is a prestigious event for thoughtful professionals. The event, a must for marketing Directors of well-known companies, strategy development which involves the integration of the global digital community.

Not every event of marketing has a set of qualities that can captivate and cause an irresistible desire to take part in it. Moreover, professional developments lately is more and more, and to understand the assessment criteria is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are such events, the level of which exceeds the average market several orders of magnitude. First on the list of prestigious and important projects that determine the development trend of the industry for the coming year certainly is the international Festival of marketing, the Marketing Jazz Fest. Comment on the advantages of this event we invited Oksana Todorov, President of the Association of Corporate Media of Ukraine, the co-organizer of the Festival.

“This year we are holding the Seventh, and I’m sure happy Festival of The Marketing Jazz Fest. So I will list only 7 major, in my opinion, the advantages of our events:

1. International format.

We invited speakers, leading master classes and coaches from Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands, Azerbajan, Georgia and other countries, as well as the best native speakers. All this will allow Festival participants to gain advanced experience of Ukrainian and foreign colleagues, incorporating it into their own business objectives.

2. The reputation and the prestige of the event.

Festival of Marketing The Marketing Jazz Fest is already a brand. We have earned the respect of our partners and participants years of work – consistently high quality of content and level of service. From year to year the prestige of the event grows and external confirmation of this fact is the statement of Yandex company, a General partner of the Festival 2011.

3. Practical orientation.

The choice of the performances in the Festival implies the main criterion: practical applicability. We set a goal before each speaker not only to expand the horizons of perception of the future, but to provide listeners with specific current marketing tools and technologies that are effective and applicable today.

4. The optimal duration.

The festival takes place over 3 days. During this time, participants have time to leave the state of operational activities and immerse yourself in the learning process that it is almost impossible for a one-day event. Empirically proven that 72 hours is the time for the most effective psychological switch on the perception of innovation experience, going beyond the everyday routine and switch the brain to a new level of thinking.

5. Variety of content.

The transfer of knowledge, experience, the learning process on the Festival involves a variety of approaches. It is not only traditional lectures and roundtable discussions, interactive panel discussion, where each participant can Express their opinions on current topics, ask a question and get an opinion survey colleagues.

6. New opportunities.

The festival involves participation in many professional competitions and ratings. Is the contest of mind maps, the quest on the base, the competition tweet-translators, participation in the design competition of the festival of bees, the rating of speakers and active participants in the panel discussions. All this will allow Festival participants to improve their professional status and to strengthen your personal brand on the job market. Or to carry out so-called “pre-tuning” to those people who are currently in search of a prestigious and well-paying jobs.

7. Vivid emotions.

The difference between the format of the Festival from the usual forum or conference is the opportunity to experience the incomparable emotions. Guitar songs in the evening campfire, morning yoga on the beach, contests, costume parties, bowling and gambling master class in salsa, familiarity and personal contact with impressive figures-brands… And many photo and video materials, which will allow to capture the brightest moments of the Festival. It’s so nice to be after the Festival by sharing the emotions with colleagues at work, friends and family!

The motto of our Festival this year is “Stop buzzing! It’s time…” I Think now is the time to register and collect a suitcase for a three day trip to Odessa, at the Festival of Marketing.

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