Who said that the holidays are over? The carnival continues!
  Late winter - early spring is the time for carnivals! Large and small, carnivals boldly walking the streets of Europe and America, attracting the attention of all the inhabitants…

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Who said that the holidays are over? The carnival continues!


Late winter – early spring is the time for carnivals! Large and small, carnivals boldly walking the streets of Europe and America, attracting the attention of all the inhabitants of the globe. Carnival is a great reason to see a familiar country in a new guise.

Part of the carnival is over and the second half You could still make it. So, where are we going?

1. The Venetian carnival in Italy (from 26 February to 8 March) – probably the most ancient and most famous carnival in the world. What we will see? Holiday confetti, a procession of hundreds of Pierrot, Harlequin, Columbine and other characters, performances of Commedia-Dell’arte. Venice carnival is famous for holding the balls masquerade in the old palaces, among which the most popular is the masquerade on the water, “Bal Casanova” and “Golden night”. How much is it? If you buy a tour, a week in Venice costs from € 620 + $450 flight. You can go by bus, if You have a valid visa-the Schengen area. Then a trip to the carnival get much cheaper!

2. Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro (5th to 8th March) is the big, sexy and colorful carnival in the world. Try an exotic blend of ancient Indian traditions and customs of black slaves with European sophistication. What we will see? The highlight of the Brazilian carnival – it dances, especially the Brazilian Samba. On the Central alley of Rio de Janeiro in colorful costumes made of silk and feathers compete in skill and beauty of the productions of the Brazilian Samba school. In the night of 12 to 13 March in Rio you can see the Parade of Champions (winners of competitions on the Samba, the best of the best). How much is it? If you go to the night of 12-13 March, when the carnival comes to an end, and the hotels are already lower prices for accommodation, you can save money and stay at the 3* hotel for around $100/day. So the Parade of Champions economically advantageous to the carnival in Rio. Flight Kiev-Rio de Janeiro costs about $1300. Not only can you attend the carnival in Rio, but also to combine a trip to the carnival with a beach holiday on the coast. In the Brazilian heat. )

3. Cologne carnival in Germany (from 3 to 9 March) – look at sensible Germans in a new guise of fun! What we will see? Carnival in Cologne starts in the “Babi Thursday”, when gathered on the Central square women “capture” of the town hall. Theme plays, musical performances and participation in processions of carnival in Germany. The main parade of the Cologne carnival begins in the “pink” Monday (March 7), when along the Central street of Cologne moving platform with flowers and sweets, and discharged the Germans are singing a happy song. How much is it? Flight Kiev-Cologne costs about $400. But if a tour bus, 450 euros for 10 days + visa + railway crossing.

4. Carnival “King of the Masquerade” in nice in France (from 18 February to 9 March) – the most colorful carnival on the French Riviera. What we will see? Special holiday atmosphere create daily Flower Battles on the promenade des Anglais, during which the most beautiful girls and boys in bright costumes with huge colourful processions, resembling a giant basket, throw in a crowd of spectators bouquets of flowers: roses, lilies, carnations and Mimosa. How much is it? The shortest tour (4 nights) at the carnival in nice is 250 euros + flights Kiev-nice $350.

5. The lemon festival in Menton in France (from 18 February to 9 March) can be perfectly combined with a trip to the carnival in nice. Lemons in Menton give three harvests annually, but the largest crop harvested still in March-April. On holiday use about 130 tons (!) citrus. What we will see? The unusual shape of lemons, oranges and grapefruits – castles, fairy tale characters and edible trees! And yet the parade of tuples Golden fruit, decorated with fruits and flowers, along the coast. You will try new varieties of lemons, drinks and sweets on the basis of “yellow king of festival”. How much is it? Bus tour for 11 days visiting the carnival in nice is worth $530.

And cheaper can? If your travel budget is limited, You can go to the bus tour and visit at several carnivals. For example, a 12-day bus tour with a visit to nice and Venice costs about 650 euros + railway crossing.

But the cheapest option? The cheapest carnival is the celebration of carnival in Ukraine or Russia. Tours on carnival – this fairs, folk festivals, colorful parades, rides and the traditional burning of effigies of winter, to quickly come spring. Interesting, inexpensive and do not go away. )

Let’s sum up. The carnival is a special holiday atmosphere that can only be experienced at certain times of the year and in a certain place. Therefore, even from carnivals try to visit! Alone or together with a group of tourists – it doesn’t matter. The main thing to visit there!

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