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New year for children. History


New year’s day. . What is this — a holiday that unites all of us childhood joys, or a bag of trouble that every th­tov to shoulder voluntarily and, as said one wise friend Owl, “Bestwestern”? And so, and so. However, the gratuitousness and speeches can not be! On the contrary, for a properly chosen Christmas tree, stitched after work or school carnival costume, cute gift for the most beloved colleague and, finally, for a delicious Christmas goose with apples everyone expects nothing less than a Miracle!

So lucky in love that parents were healthy, the child is getting straight to the chief gave a business trip to Paris or, at worst, in Helsinki! To marry the most, to finish the house to meet Her, to repay debts and to win the lottery.

Oh, how many miracles we order this new year’s eve, certainly hoping to return!

But how else? Santa Claus — people without age and bad habits. They’re not used to deny the miracles from harm. Anyone. Neither the baby nor the groom, nor the same age as my Grandfather. However, in the bag of Santa Claus do not fit the automobile AB­purpose vehicles and modern apartments, Director’s chairs and a real “Oscars”. They have toys, perfume, cute the homeless­Litsa and, certainly, this book. Because without it the great­Vilna to celebrate the New year right! Such that at work, and during the feast, and on the date and at Perego business­thieves. all was! And proper toast, and the right guest, and on­standing a nail in a sense, headliner entertainment thirty-first of December!

However, and about the thirty-first day we just got excited; the New year can be celebrated all year round. For this you only need to know what days in the calendar reserved for this the best holiday in any corner of the planet, and to cook German, Malay, French, Chinese, Jewish or Georgian.

New year — all year round! Fun, witty, beautiful, wise, satisfying! This is our way! And according to you? We had in mind! Get IN-TER-o-LOC ME!

The new year is going around the world… the Story of the new year holiday

‘s new year — the best reason to look into the old days. If you wonder what actually is the New year, probably, to many at once will come the idea that this holiday should begin in the spring. Why? Yes, because, as they say, slept off the ground under the snow, gain strength, prepared for the birth of the new grass, bright flowers, birds, I. raced! Rushed time in a new, well a brand new year!

And if you thought that was not far removed from historical truth. It was. New year was celebrated by many Nations in March. In the law of Moses it was designed for the evaluation of the Renaissance: the month of ears (Aviv), it’s time to celebrate the New year.

By the way, and the Romans were no exception: their “new year’ had just on the first month of spring. Noble feast was the Romans, in these days feasted, styled noble, to visit each other used to go, and even gave gifts. What you can give? Here’s what: happy decent people offerings in the form of grapes, dates were decorated with gilded leaves, in the course were and vases, and copper money. Like all of us! We’re too wrapped walnuts in foil, and now appears on the tree little Christmas miracle — the magic nut that is sure to bring happiness. If its time to crack and eat. It was not until the forty-fifth year before Christ.

France, England and Germany, too, were then in the beginning of a new calendar year with the first spring month — March. And in Russia until 1492 revered spring the beginning of the year. And so in 1492, the great Prince Ioann Vasilievich Third had the idea to change the calendar and to arrange a meeting of the new year on the first of September. And to this day is a great for all those who used to celebrate the new year in the spring, the king personally was his high­coy persona in the temple and then anyone could touch his greatness, to worship him and ask what he wanted.

In historical documents it is mentioned that the king himself bestowed each apples. That happiness was — to get an Apple from the hands of the sovereign! Yes and cups were raised, and guns and beat him, and “cheers” shouted. Yes, and how not to shout, if the Emperor wishes you a happy new year.

And so every year, September 1 — fun and bright waiting Royal favors! Yes and the first of September 1698 been there too. Only the last time the middle Ages noted calendars with the holidays. At the same time the British considered that the New year begins with the first signs of spring. Namely first of March. A great solution! Spring has always been considered a symbol of renewal.

The French revolution introduced a new year on September 22. It was a celebration of education. So it was, and this is not to argue. And although today the French and French women put Christmas trees in a different day, they sometimes re-read the history books, and the romantic nature not against the mark­tit, a holiday once a year.

The first of September, this festival took place in Russia. Up until intervened Peter. Peter decided to live like Europeans and celebrate with everyone else — January 1.