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Best vacation spots in Thailand – Informative article


Thailand – it is exotic in every sense, ranging from natural attractions and to the traditions and customs of the aborigines. Many tourists tend to go to Thailand to relax on the sandy beaches, to dive into the world of the tropics and unusual nature. Fortunately, the natural features of the country allow it. About the huge number of tourists even say no, because every minute in the airport of Thailand sits at least 2 planes.

The most popular Islands of Thailand among the exotics are considered Samui, Krabi, Koh LARN and Phuket . Stay on any of them will leave with the best impressions and emotions, but there are some subtleties that distinguish one island from the other.

So, Phuket. The largest island of Thailand is honorable title of the best resort in the country. Luxury hotels, lots of restaurants, clubs, where they can offer the most diverse and exotic dishes, a variety of various spas and beauty salons, sightseeing Phuket and nearby Islands, as well as the unparalleled beauty of local nature and the best beaches will make your stay memorable. Phuket – it is a Paradise for surfers and divers, which will impress the underwater world of the island.

Pattaya is also widely known among the fans of exotic Thai, but more among those who want to spend vacation with spark. Bright and bustling nightlife of this Peninsula absorbs all without exception. A huge number of bars, open-air disco, casino, various music and light shows, and more complement the daily activities at the resort.

Perhaps the beaches here seem less pure than in Phuket town, but here you can easily find a cheaper hotel, but also for excursions in the picturesque local village elephant riding and visit the crocodile farm.

Koh Samui – this is the place where mind and body attain the Nirvana. The resorts on the island specialize in the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the body: Spa treatments, the famous Thai massage, yoga and fitness, various water treatments, as well as individual approach to each allow you to forget about your troubles and immerse themselves in a world of bliss and relaxation.

In addition to Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand is a large number of other Islands that are less accessible, and more attractive for tourists.

Best vacation spots in Thailand

Always ratings are written for a specific target audience. If the rating is one person on the basis of its experience and motives, then it is very likely that this ranking simply will not find support among most, but if he writes it in the light of the target audience and their goals, a recommendation rating will benefit. This rating is made for those who just want to spend a holiday in Thailand without special “highlights”. So, the best places in Thailand:

Samui Island

It really is a Paradise tropical island that just can not leave indifferent tourist! The amazing thing is that you can see here — this is its beaches! Do not even think to compare it with others, clearly — the beaches of Koh Samui — the best!

If you need natural attractions, welcome to two waterfalls, na Muang and hin Lat. The na Mueang waterfall, whose length is 30 meters, gives the impression of not less than Iguazu falls.

Be sure to visit the monkey theatre and see the statue of the seated Buddha at Wat hin Ngu. And underwater national Park — the amazing beauty of luxury!


This place is inferior in the list that here there is no civilization. A civilization can be understood as shopping malls, and generally “urbanizovannoj” areas.

Here you need to go to those who travel for the sake of nature and unique attractions. This place will make your stay so bright that you will forget about any city in the world…


Here you can relax those who are very, very much love shopping and just walking through the malls. This place — the development of tourist infrastructure of Thailand! The mild climate, dozens of entertainment centers, a lot of memorable places — all the tourists! Luxury villas Phuket are waiting for those who like to relax campaigns!

Resting here, don’t forget to stroll through a flea market or antique store to buy some interesting artefacts on the memory.


This place is more suitable for short-lived entertainment and not for everyone. Only for those who love to party. Alas, this is not the cleanest area of Thailand, but one of the most famous, especially among the Russians. Many speak Russian (it’s a minus or a plus?). Attractions where you will be. Yes, and more — this place is known as the “center free love”… Street “street” is something of a symbol of night life.

So if you really are looking for nature and beaches, then choose the holiday destination of the first three places higher!

It’s not all the places of Thailand, where you can have a nice and not very much time. This is only the most famous. It attracts thousands and tens of thousands of tourists in order to find some sort of solitude with nature, those who succeed — remember Thai beauty forever!