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Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro


The premiere of “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro” was held in April 1969. He directed the artistic Director of the satire Theatre Valentine Pluchek. Set design with hanging in the sky like fireworks, a bouquet of roses came up with Valery Levental, costumes created by fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, fancy pearl wigs — the artist of the theatre Silva Kosyrev. In the performance of music by Mozart.

This neighborhood Mozart and Beaumarchais were forced to recall a quote from “the Little tragedies” by Pushkin “Mozart and Salieri”:

When black thoughts will come to you —

Uncorked champagne bottle Il

Peretti “The Marriage Of Figaro”.

Sparkling performance Pluchek, created in the era of stagnation, has become to the public SIP champagne, bright holiday, giving hope. This show has gained legendary status thanks to the television version removed after 7 years directed by Victor Temple.

“The marriage of Figaro” is a performance of the Golden period of the theatre, when he was at the peak of his popularity. In Satire were Mironov and Papanov, made famous by the paintings “Beware of the car” and “the diamond arm”, in the sense of the Aroseva, Menglet, Beliavsky and many other actors who participated in the popular program “Tavern “13 chairs”.

At the famous Comedy by Beaumarchais played the leading artists of the theatre: Valentin Gaft played Count Almaviva at the premiere, after this role in his own “read” not less memorable Alexander Shirvindt, with his wife, the Countess Rosina played Vera Vasilyeva, cheat maid Susanna temperamental Nina Kornienko, Marcelino — Tatiana feel that Cherubino — Alexander Voevodin, Bartolo Zinovy Vysokovsky, Antonio Roman Tkachuk.

Classic play, invented by watchmaker court, was popular for over 300 centuries thanks to its perfect, like clockwork, composition, dynamism, lightness and humor, which has not lost its freshness.

Production at the Theatre of Satire skillfully combines tradition and innovation. The canonical plot has not changed much, but the usual intonation of heroes has changed.

“The play starts with the notes completely unexpected, it seems even impossible. they described the peculiarity of the play, the famous critic Constatin Rudnitsky: “the Scene opens immediately in all its unimaginable beauty, dimly gleaming old silver decorations on them — lush, sweet bouquet of red roses, the music, delicate and flirtatious, and characters in silver livery with white and black sewing ceremoniously take their seats, and the output of the main character. He, however, does not come out, it continuously takes to the stage retractable Playground, one of the footmen gives him a rose, and the hero graceful, gallant, deep in thought inhales her scent”. Of course, this Figaro was truly revolutionary, it was impossible to believe that the hero Mironova, ‘ tis, a bold intriguer, adventurer and plebeian, his indomitable energy has won its place under the sun and love by Suzanne. Comedy by Beaumarchais, from beginning to end, was served with a deliberate picture, which was deliberately constructed in the act of performance. The intrigue turns are performed as briefly and casually, they are not very significant for the Director. He put in the forefront the theme of reason and love.

In addition, political satire Beaumarchais (born, the play has become so popular that forbade her Louis XVI was forced to revoke his ban, fearing condemnation and discontent of his subjects) went well today.

Unraveling entangled him in a web of intrigue, adult and sad Figaro Andrei Mironov had time to reflect on the evils of government, and on the imperfection of the world. He dearly loved, was jealous and was offended by the news that his master, forgetting the fun joint adventure, decided to learn the beloved bride of his servant.

Andrei Mironov seen in his character of a man forced by time and society do their own thing, to waste the mind, talent and energy on trifles. Appreciated this servant superior to his cynical and sensual gentleman.

However, the Duo the Count and Countess, less interesting to play than Figaro and Susanna, during rehearsals, were studied with special care. Valentin Gaft and Vera Vasilyeva tried to play live, contradictory and ambiguous people.

Vasiliev in the work on the role started from the fact that the Countess in “the Marriage of Figaro” — this naughty love Rosina from Il Barbiere di Siviglia (the play predecessor, which tells of the amorous adventures of count and Countess before her marriage). The Countess longs for life, love, but became timid because they do not believe in yourself. Relations between spouses were much more complex Graph for a moment whether from jealousy, whether by inertia still had feelings for his wife, one minute he loved her, although hunting for Suzanne and was annoyed.

The success of the show gave him a long life — for over 18 years Satire artists went on stage in a Comedy by Beaumarchais. It ended with the life of the protagonist — August 14, did not finish the last scene of “the marriage of Figaro” Andrei Mironov lost consciousness two days later, he died of a stroke. The actor was buried in a suit of Figaro.