Holidays in the Czech Republic. Festivals and customs of the Czech Republic
  In the Czech Republic surprisingly few large-scale national festivals. Besides the usual religious ceremonies, most of the annual happy holidays — it's artistic, musical and sporting events that are…

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Summer solstice. June 21. Lita, Midsummer, Midsummer's day
  Midsummer day, Lita and Kupala – the oldest European festivals, dedicated to the day of the summer solstice . These holidays were the most joyful and magnificently celebrated by…

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Festivals and competitions of Amateur creativity


Festivals and competitions of Amateur creativity . festivals of achievements in Amateur art; competition held to identify the best samadet. performers. In Bashkortostan the first REP. reviews hood. samadet-making with the participation of popular singers and musicians, samadet. creative. groups (see dance Ensembles, Instrumental ensembles, Folk theatre, Folk ensembles, Choirs, Amateur) originated in the early 1930s (see also Festivals and competitions theatre). In the framework of all-Russia. and the Union. festivals Nar. TV-VA held the 1st all-Union reports. Olympiad working hood. samadet-STI (1932), the all-Russian. review of villages. and trade Union hood. samadet-STI (1945), the Union reports. review hood. samadet-ability workers and employees (1950–51), vseros. review of villages. hood. samadet-STI (1963—65), the Union reports. the festival samadet. arts, arr. The 50th anniversary Oct. revolution (1966–67), vseros. review hood. samadet-STI, arr. The 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin (1970), the Union reports. the festival samadet. hood. TV VA workers (1975—77), arr. The 60th anniversary Led. October (2nd in 1980—82 in the framework of all-Russia. festival), the Union reports. review of samadet. hood. TV-VA, arr. The 40th anniversary of the Victory in the Led. Russ. war (1985), and others.

In 1970—the 80-ies. the development of samadet. hood. TV-VA contributed by F. and C. S. T. organized by the Minister of culture of the BASSR, folk art Center, the administrations of districts and cities of the Republic. From 1968 there were Open resp. the competition. G. almuhametova (Ufa, 1970 professional), 1978 — Rep. the competition christov, cubesato, Kyl-cubesato, dummerston and performers of uslaw (throat singing) for the prize to them. Y. Isinbaeva (haybullinskogo rn), 1984 — vseros. the festival of Amateur films “the Earth and people” (see “Agidel”), 1989 — Mezhregiongaz. the feast Rus. songs and ditties (Belokataiski R-n) and others In 1985—87 in Ufa took place Rep. the feast of talanki. Among means. F. and K. S. T. Intern. — festival performers bash. and tat. the song “Doҫlyҡ moңo” (“Melody of friendship”; Neftekamsk), festival of culture and arts of the Finno-Ugric peoples ’s Gems Kama” (both — 1991), competition-festival of the muses. TV-VA Turkic youth «Ural moӊo” (“Melodies of the Urals”; Ufa, 1992), the national festival. cultures “berҙәMLC ” Commonwealth” (1991); Mezhregiongaz. — festival ensembles Nar. dance for the prize. F. Gaskarov (Ufa, 1987), bash the competition. a long song “Aboutҙhe koi” (“the Long song”; Tuimazy, 1997), competition bash. the song “IRәNTEK moңgifts” (“Ringtones Erandika”; G. Sibai, 1996), the folk festival. the t-ditch “Altyn termә» («Golden Yurt”, 1997), the festival of cabaret. and pop choreography “Wind of change” (Ufa, 2004), the competition of the game on the leaders and performers of uslaw (Mechetlinsk rn, 2007); Rep. — the contest of young performers of tat. songs «Tugan tel” (“Native language”, 1991), festival of pop music ’s ThәSchleck-show” (“Youth show”, 1994; both — Ufa, Russia), festival of a variety song and dance “bitter cold” (city of Birsk, 1995), the festival is a family of Nar. TV-VA “Family mosaic” (1998), the festival of choirs, choral and wok. collectives “Star Belgachia” (Beloretsk, 2001), the competition-festival lullabies ” Bisek Jiri” (“lullaby”, 2002), washing machine. competition bash. dance «Bayҡ» («Baik”, since 2008; both — Ufa), the national festival. cultures “waves of Agidel” (2005).

In 1990—2000s in the framework of Rep. holidays include the Institute. instr. wok. and competitions etc.: holiday kurai (October, 2001), folk. holiday “the meeting yyyyny» («Yyin Salavat”, 2004), a celebration of harmony “Moңғand Bai Harmon holiday” for the prize. F. Iksanova (2003), folk. holiday «AndҡMulla nәsoәTTәd” (“Instruction Akmulla”; Miyakinskogo R-n, 2006), the holiday bash. folklore “Alҡҙar TAңgifts” (“Skadarska dawns”; Sterlitamak, 2006), Nar. the festival ’s WәWәRә holiday” (“Holiday genealogy”, 2007).

Among the children. F. and K. S. T. Mezhregiongaz. festival-competition of ballroom and pop dance “the Rhythms of time Big Ural” (Neftekamsk, 1998), resp. festivals det. TV-VA “Thәthғor ” rainbow” (2007), Nar. choreography “Dance of friendship” (Tuimazy, 2007), det. competition bash. dance «Bayҡ» («Baik”; Kugarchinskogo rn, 2009). The organization and conduct of F. and K. S. T. are also affiliates of the REP. center Nar. TV-VA, the Union of the Bashkir youth Union of women, Union of christov; societies. organisations and centres for NAT. cultures “Azatlyk”, “AK tirma”, Kanash (exit) Chuvash, “the bard”, Polish culture and enlightenment center “Revival”, TURKSOY, Bashkortostan Udmurt national cultural centre, historical and cultural centers with the assistance of the House of peoples ‘ friendship.