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Premiere Norilsk drama Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro


NORILSK. “Taimyr Telegraph” in Norilsk Today starts the second art festival of Northern cities in the world “Parallels”.

In the period from 26 September to 10 October, viewers will see performances, concerts, shows, laboratories, exhibitions and workshops. The program of the festival included traditional genres (drama, classical music, musical), and experimental storytelling (art of storytelling), plastic theatre, hip-hop Opera.

A few hours before the opening of the organizers and participants of the creative forum (actors, Directors, playwrights, artists, musicians, dancers and photographers from Russia, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Holland and Estonia) spoke with local journalists.

As stressed by the General producer of the festival Catherine said, “it’s not every day come to Russia groups on the global level and go to the region’s transit through both capitals, not stopping them”.

Creative forum opens with the premiere of the Norilsk polar drama theatre. VL. Mayakovsky’s “Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro” – the vaudeville on Beaumarchais’s play staged by the honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Isakov. “I am delighted that our performance opens the festival. I want to believe that whatever Parallels did not go our career, sometimes, maybe often, we’ll meet here, at our theatre,” said Alexander Isakov.

Also the polar drama theatre will present the Director’s sketch Timur Nasirov on the play of Elena graminei “Brothers” that arose from searches of the Creative laboratory of modern drama “polar ax”.

In addition to Norilsk, Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Visit the capital of the independent theatre Association of graduates of the School-Studio of MKHAT Le Cirque De Charle La Tannes will show hip–hop Opera “Cops on fire”, which won the Grand Prix of the festival “Texture-Olympus” in Sochi and will represent Russia in the Winter Olympics. St. Petersburg musical theatre “Karambol” will introduce the youngest viewers and their parents with a musical based on the tales of Hans Christian Andersen “Thumbelina Story. Sketches from nature”.

Theatre from Copenhagen Det Fortællende Teater will present the play, “Beowulf”, set in the storytelling genre. Another project from Denmark especially for the festival have prepared the musicians and dancers of the band called “Tangoed”. They will present a show of Argentine tango to the music of composer Astor Piazzolla and promises to recreate the atmosphere of the Argentine night club XIX century.

Concert on Norwegian traditional violins (Hardanger fiddle) will give a violin quintet from Norway Anima Ensemble. With advances plastic theater within the show “the Border” will introduce viewers Norwegians: company yo Stromgren and theatre “Halogaland”. A play about the night Reykjavik “Journey” is a co – production of the Icelandic national dance company and music group GusGus.

Finnish theatre Ruska Ensemble (“Russian ensemble”) from the city of Kokkola will show “the Last morning star” is a beautiful epic story of a forgotten nation Khanty, virtually disappeared in the USSR. As told to the media engaged in the production of actor Jarkko Centeri, in Norilsk it is not the first time: “I lived here in 1990-1991, when I was two years old. Although memories of the city there are not very many, I am particularly pleased to be back here and to acquaint citizens of Norilsk with our creativity”.

The festival will run of the exhibition. One of them – “Ice” – is located in the lobby of the drama. Enjoy the photos everyone. “We felt that ice is the most theatrical that can occur on planet Earth,” – said the head of the environmental education Department of the fgbi “Reserves of the Taimyr” Faina Kushnir.

The second exhibition – Nordic ID is dedicated to Northern identity in architecture. It is represented in the Museum of the history and development of the NRP.

The program “Parallels” includes the work of two creative labs – dance and the “Living theatre of the living author”. As explained by the head of the choreographic lab Olga Tsvetkova, the purpose of the work of the Dutch-Estonian team with Norilsk adolescents – study of body, movement, sound. In the second lab Moscow playwrights Andrei Stadnikov, Lyubov Strizhak, directed by Anna Potapova together with Norilsk actors will explore the city, meet new people and interview them. The collected material will turn into short stories and sketches, the result will be a documentary show, which must bring together theatre and contemporary author.

The festival founders: Ministry of culture of Krasnoyarsk Krai, the administration of Norilsk MMC “Norilsk Nickel”, organized by Norilsk drama, curator and co-organizer – production company “Art Expert”.