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Review of the festival of the Five-petal rose (Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov)


To write this review made me wonderful memories of our trip to Czech Republic in June 2012. Next month in an old Czech town again will take place the traditional festival of the Five-petal rose. I want to be there. But we came to this festival by accident. Regular excursion programs offer to visit the city and to visit the castle Deep. But this time the tour coincided with the festival. Surprisingly, many tourists from our group refused to go, say what’s there to see. How did they regret later.

The Czech Krumlov is a small historic town in southern Bohemia. From Prague we drove almost 2 hours. The city has retained its old appearance and is currently under the protection of UNESCO.

The city is very beautiful and deserves its separate story. And today we have the famous festival in the world with a Five-petal rose. Its name he received from the family arms of the Rosenbergs, once owned this town and surrounding lands. These days in the city attracts tourists from all over the world. With most dressed in medieval costumes.

The festival in the city these days let free men in suits, the rest have to pay for the entrance to the Central part of the city. Here you will be able to hear conversations in many languages. Imagine our surprise when we saw the group in some of the most beautiful costumes and talking in Russian.

It turned out that it our tourists from the ancient Russian city of Perm. They have several years to go to the festival yourselves sew such beautiful costumes. What is most offensive, they do not participate in the parade, though, I think, could claim in the contest for the best costume. I, specialty apparel designer, well see how carefully and well tailored outfits, as all matches that era.

Well, we quickly inspect the old castle

Admiring the gingerbread houses of this ancient town.

Imagine the whole city consists of these houses. With its narrow streets and still drive the car. However in honor of the festival all the traffic was blocked, was given to all participants of this wonderful holiday.

On the square are actors dressed in medieval costumes. played old scenes, are jousting battles.

Here, in the square sell various Goodies, prepared, it seems, as according to old recipes.

You can go to numerous cafes, eat and drink beer with notable people from the past centuries. And you can buy Souvenirs from the artisans.

About 15 hours begins the most colorful event – the procession. Here you need to fulfill several conditions: to choose a convenient location for viewing, and you could see very well, and others don’t interfere. It should be remembered that the left at 17.30, and access to the city centre will be closed. And so the procession began.

Horse groups are replaced by groups of wealthy citizens.

Immediately go and “peasants”.

The gentlemen gallantly led by the hand of their ladies.

I did not understand the order of this procession. Possible were represented in the various regions of the Czech Republic, as is the case in other similar festivals.

Interestingly, the costumes are presented here from different eras. Most likely, the festival did not specify the time of action (era), and simply given a specific theme. I really didn’t go into the depth of this question, and just enjoyed the beautiful costumes.

I would have continued to look further, but husband was pawing me and advance to the exit. Did he not like the festival? Anything like this, said he, very much like it.

To get to the exit very difficult. The streets are almost all closed. Plus I’m afraid to encounter these kind of people on stilts. Imagine: they had to go a couple of hours and walk for miles.

Finally out of the crowd and fall to the street musicians.

The way out of the city was opened about two kilometers from our camp. I had to run, not to let the other members of our group. However, we all approached the bus almost at the same time (about half an hour late). Impressions of the sea. We’re leaving. And the celebration goes on in the city. Roar of firecrackers, fireworks will soon be.

The impression they all had great. Even my husband stopped complaining that due to “the festival”, he failed to see the ancient castle. Promised me that we will come again for this festival. I don’t know, do you perform your promise, soon 2 years will pass, as promised.

What I can advise; if you love beautiful performances, beautiful costumes – be sure to visit this event. For the money it is not too expensive (Czech Republic generally a cheap country). I came here again, but it would be better to stay here for a couple of days to see this amazing and colorful spectacle.

I have many photos from this festival, have put only some of them. I enjoy looking at them on cold winter nights and remember the warmth and colors of Cesky Krumlov.

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