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The Feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God


The story of the feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God in General is very interesting. Let’s start with the fact that at the end of the VI century in the city of Cauldron was a severe fire that destroyed half the city. After this fire the matron had a dream in which she was the mother of God and pointed to a place on the ashes where you need to dig up the icon. People went to the specified location and really found the icon. When the icon was made in a specially built temple, the two blind men were healed and began to see. After that the icon did not a little wonder. There are very interesting signs on the feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God.

Kazan – lady Mediatrix . The feast of the icon of Kazan Mother of God is considered one of the main female holidays. Of course, this Orthodox holiday, but in the old days women believed that on 4 November the mother of God helps them. It supports in times of trouble, strengthens the body and soul. There were many protective rites, used by women on this day.

Birch leaf beauty will give, from old saves. In women was a custom. Early in the morning on the feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God had to go to the nearest forest or birch grove. There it was necessary to find a birch tree whose leaves were frost-rimmed, and tear off one leaf. After that I had to see frost in this paper as if you look in the mirror. This piece was associated with magical silver mirror. It was believed that if to look in such a mirror, the face will go all the shortcomings, but in a woman the whole year will be to look young and beautiful.

Apple Yes honey – beauty gives. To realize this omen, women with the Saviour was consecrated in store big Apple and a bit of the consecrated honey. If the girl had problems with the skin, in this day she took the Apple, cleansed it from the peel, and the peel was then thrown out, imagining that this the rind of the shortcomings from which the girl wanted to get rid of. After that Apple needed to grate and mix with honey. This is one of the recipes for homemade cosmetics. When the mask was applied to the face, she uttered the words: “Apple has cleared and my face cleared. Medoc soft and sweet, and my skin is soft and sweet.” They say that this mask worked wonders. It was possible to remove almost any flaws on your face. And if the faith of the girl was very strong, we could get rid of even scars.

Kazan without rain – a year will be difficult. People said that on this day the virgin praying and crying about all the people. She’s begging the Lord God for forgiveness for the people and asks that we could live easier to harvest for the next year was good, and no more hunger. But conversely, dry weather is a bad omen. People say that if Kazan doesn’t rain, the next year will be very heavy. And for a good harvest can never count on.

In Kazan the morning rain raining, and by the evening the snow drifts. This day has always been considered the boundary between autumn and winter. In addition, the people said . what to Kazan is not yet winter, but after Kazan already autumn. Every villager knew that if this day morning going to rain, then in the evening wait for this cold weather that the rain will gradually turn into snow. Of course, not all regions of Russia the snow that fell that day, were left lying for a long time. But the fact remains, though short, but the snow will be.

In Kazan on a long journey do not go home will long to return. This sign is directly related to the previous one. On the earlier people in America? That’s right, the horses, harnessed to a cart. If the morning will be hitting the road on wheels, and suddenly the snow falls, the wheels are already not go far. And the sleigh on the way, where can I get? That’s the reason I tried not to plan a long trip on this day.

Who gets married on this day, he will be happy all your life. This sign suggests that people believed the virgin Mary is happy for young and bless them for a happy life. Thanks to this mind matter is a belief that if the wedding day it is raining, then the young will be a lifetime to live happily. And Kazan, as you remember, almost always raining. That’s only for the other days of the year this sign is not so fair as this. But if it so happens that in Kazan there was no rain, and young for a long time to live together will not. The most superstitious, the couple preferred even postpone the wedding for another day, if only the sign was not fulfilled.

Signs on the feast of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God always strictly adhered to as all women and girls and newlyweds. And, it should be noted that compliance with these will always yielded results and generally positive. The girls kept their beauty, and the travelers were stuck in the road. Therefore, we should pay attention to these signs. Suddenly, the life will become better.