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A Review about the flower Festival (Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny)

Bright colors of autumn


the distribution of the pie

Here again ended the annual Festival of flowers “Watercolor” in Naberezhnye Chelny has been held for over 25 years.

Flower festival is a beautiful festival of colors. The town’s main square Azatlyk, located in front of town hall that day changed and became similar to the fabulous floral meadow with different characters. And although this year the weather did not disappoint many, it was cloudy, drizzling rain, people on holiday a lot, thousands of residents of different ages, and the holiday was very good.

The festival is open to all comers, but first and foremost it is still a company town associated with the landscaping, management companies, housing and utilities, SMU landscaping, nurseries and schools, as well as gardeners, workers in the horticultural sector. All farms exhibit their work in which they place their soul, skill and imagination.

Landscape compositions that were presented, not just to do, and to follow the terms of the competition, for example, their size should be not less than one hundred square meters, of which not less than 40 % should be covered with materials used in the composition, and they in turn should be growing and fresh cut.

Every year for the festival’s chosen theme and character. This year the festival as always combined with the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan and its symbol was chosen Lily.

The theme of the works of the festival has chosen the perfect gardens in the world.

The festival also announced the results of the city contest for landscaping and gardening.

The beginning of the festival of flowers “Watercolor – 2015” was traditionally opened by the mayor of the city. After his speech began a concert program which included theatrical concert “Beautiful Lily” with songs and dances of creative collectives of the city contest “Queen of flowers”, a carnival procession with the selection of the best carnival costume.

For Amateur gardeners, a competition was held, “the harvest”, “Original flowers”, “Ornamental plants” and others.

On the festival of flowers, anyone, even a professional, even an Amateur could put your achievement and show your skills.

The song “Japanese garden” with a house and a gazebo with flowering Sakura, on the bright flowerbed, with an artificial pond and a bridge over it, as if carried of Citizens in a real Japanese garden.

“The garden of my dreams” – adorned the stately figure of reclining woman from moss. “Poetry Park” took a pretty large area.

And the lovers ‘ Park, with benches, for lovers, for confessions and revelations, with a place for kisses was immediately filled, and notice that not only young people. In the center is an antique statue of lovers as a symbol of love.

But “Jurassic Park” situated on the rocks, with the pterodactyls, tyrannosauridae, dinosaur eggs have attracted citizens of all ages.

Also there was some discussion concerning the 85th anniversary of Naberezhnye Chelny, and the composition on this subject was not bad.

Besides the compositions were exposed panels of flowers, mostly made of kindergartens and schools.

In addition to the compositions was launched a large trade in seedlings, flowers, garden and home, garden produce and seeds. Visitors could buy the current crop years, to buy a bit of honeycomb.

Handicrafts were also not provided in small quantity, large ranges with a large selection of handmade Souvenirs. Opened “Quarter masters” selling Handicrafts, crafts and decorative arts.

For children there were many rides, inflatable slides, riding on donkeys and ponies, sale of various toys and balls.

In 25 years of the festival of colors, the compositions were not presented for review to the citizens and it’s always a very pretty sight.

On the territory of the festival it was possible to eat, worked various cafes, tea was served with pancakes, pastries, with Tatar chak-chak, immediately prepared a barbecue and lots of other Goodies.

The holiday was good, fun and bright.

This year on the holiday, it was decided to surprise people and make a cake weighing over two tons, of 390 cakes 4,000 servings (it was included in the “Russian Book of records”). The cake was displayed in the square, lay it on a round wooden structure with a diameter of 10 meters.

To try the pie could be anyone – a treat handed out for free. But, as is the whole thing turned into some kind of humiliation for men. Now of course I write and say that guilty people, took down tables, tore apart, but now it’s too late to understand. For me personally, the picture looked as follows: when we came, the cake was probably already half dealt, Yes people were crowded, but on each other’s heads did not climb, swearing of course, run around looking for leaves, packets that would put a piece of cake, no disposable tableware in the vicinity was not observed and people were using improvised means, someone took arms, and Apple jam which was soaked dripping pie on a number of standing people dirtying their clothes. Pie laid out the big shovels. Distributors of pie walked around the table, not on the cake, and in those places where the cake was removed, but just in shoes, they did not even have Shoe covers, someone had armlets, someone likeness aprons or gowns, gloves were not observed. The girls handing out the cake, the hair was loose. In General, the sight was not pleasant, we try pie.

Good idea, people made this beauty and sweets of course tried, but thought this event was not.