Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world
Our idea of a wedding is the flowers and embellishments on the hood of the car, stealing the bride, varnish, glitter, Shoe instead of a glass, catching the bouquet, the…

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Lithuanian cheese Dainava Festive dishes of the peoples of the world
  2 litres whole milk 1 kg of cottage cheese 100 g sour cream 100 g butter 2 chicken eggs 1 tablespoon cumin salt - a big pinch pot 4-5…

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Alexander Bard Lovac from Budennovsk took part in the festival – Ulanskaya fall


Pouring from the sky streams of water and blots sprawling puddles, it seems, made it impossible even to think about the festival on Se. But not only for the organizers of this wonderful event, who were convinced that the most loyal fans of the bard and light-winged gliders will not stop even a fissure in the heavenly abyss. And the wise understand the nature of human stubbornness and at some time moved in the direction of the rain curtain and turned on Soy the sun.

Ah, what a wonderful panorama opens from the top of the mountain! Quilt velvety fields, tile stains roofs huddled at the foot of the village, the majestic bulk of the nearby mountains… at the Bottom of the slope is creeping snow-white dense foam or fog sneaks quietly into the forest, whether the cloud fell down, after an argument with sky. But here the breeze and faded white lace, melted. Flared in the sky the ceremonial sunset, a fire at the base and barely pink on the tips of their endless wings. The sun’s rays came up, jumped on the shiny roofs of more than a dozen cars that came to the camp for gliders, colorful houses, tourist tents and, most importantly, laughing individuals great number of fans.

While preparing a concert stage, the bravest of the festival participants climbed into the cockpit of a small sports aircraft to the pilot Sergey Warm, followed the trike instructor Rashid Ashirova and soon as the lucky passengers were admiring the surrounding nature from above. A rare opportunity to get in the air and feel the beauty and poignancy of the flight!

But here stood in the meadow and crossed the two wings of a giant moth, two of the glider and turned into traditional decorations of the festival scene. And then the accomplished athlete, winner of the most prestigious titles in the sport of hang gliding Natalia Petrova that for the past several years serves as a permanent organizer and sports of the muses “Siamskoi autumn” announcing the minute availability. Her brother and collaborator Alexander Glushkov finishes to set up musical equipment, and a work colleague Marina Kuznetsova was the last time the script checks. Spectators sit on small folding chairs, sink to spread out on grass mats. The festival begins!

To the microphone bards go on stage, each holding a guitar. And for each of them leading concert Stanislav Ponomarev and Mikhail tereshenkov find kind words and humorous characteristics that cause the approving laughter of the audience. The names of the artists are familiar to regular participants of the festival, without them it is impossible to imagine “Sansuu autumn”. This, in addition to the above, Alexander Druzhinin and Alexander Martynenko (Pyatigorsk), Sergey Fil (Stavropol), Alexander Lovac (Budennovsk), Maxim Kalugin (Minvody), and others. Ladies ‘ League festival in poetry-humorous way presented Elena Danilenko and Valentine Rosenkova, graced the ringing voices of the young singers Christina and Xenia, sisters Ponomareva. And two wonderful toddler – children Rashid Ashirova, almost the whole concert didn’t leave the scene, funny podtantsovyvaya speakers.

Skuu glade bards came from different parts of the Stavropol territory, the cities of Mineralnye Vody. As always brought one of the most fun and catchy commands known Zelenodolskiy entrepreneur Yuri Grushin.

What is sung at the festival of bards? That in everyday life to Express difficult – for vanity, not to rush elegant words and romantic images. But under the starry canvas of the August night, beside the people, hang gliders, under the dope fresh spices washed herbs and sung says otherwise. How much beauty and tenderness put poets in poetic lines, how many more subtle feelings fraught with music! And whether the voice of the bard is pushing upwards, whether his heart waiting to be taken out – only you know the song listeners and respond brilliantly attentive and wet eyes, the accelerated rhythm of the pulse, the unfolding buds of smiles.

Ski festival – a wonderful event, exclusive to him emotionally and fraternal fortress people who know how to fly, make friends and sing. Here gather the representatives of different professions – bankers, horse breeders, teachers, artists, doctors, makers, students. Many of them rise to the sky, get the medals and prizes for his wings. Walking with backpacks in the mountains, kayaking down rapid rivers and sing songs in which they live thoughts, born images and clear to all such feelings. Amazing tribe of people who are curious and caring that prefer Hiking trails trodden roads, and sincere conversation with the noisy guitar to silence the crowd.

Ah, this endless night concert! Before dawn the fire was burning, steaming infused herbal tea, the guitar went in a circle and fell into the palm of the stars. At midnight moved on the dial of time invisible hands and crawled from summer to autumn. People said goodbye to August and hopefully met September. They were warm and good from communicating with friends, sing songs together, and even under the pouring morning rain could not extinguish light festival “Siamskoi autumn”.