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Three of the most fun of the carnival of Latin America


The legendary Brazilian, exotic Bolivian and beach Dominican [photos]

Carnivals, though invented in Europe. but in a New Light now walk brighter and more exotic. Those traditions that were brought by the conquistadors and missionaries, added Indian and African dances and outfits.


The closest and the most accessible of all American carnival in the Dominican Republic. From Moscow to Punta Cana direct flights “Transaero” and “Aeroflot”, the country visa-free for Russians, prices for tours, though not cheap, but quite affordable.

To see the bright sight, have to break away from the beaches and come up from your hotel in one of the cities of the Dominican Republic. The main procession will be held on the Malecon waterfront in the capital, Santo Domingo. But the oldest carnival in the country makes a noise in the provincial city of La VEGA. and it is recognized by UNESCO as one of the four best carnivals in the world. In the town of Monte Cristi are the most noticeable characters of the Fiesta is not a beauty in elegant dresses as well. the bulls (Spanish tradition, not otherwise),

This year’s King and Queen of carnival crown on February 11, to celebrate will be prior to 6 March.

Tickets from Moscow to Santo Domingo on a carnival date managed to find at least 38 000. A tour for a week, which includes flight by Transaero and accommodation in hotel 4* – from 58 000 rubles per person.

Caribbean dances during a vacation in the Dominican Republic can please not less than Caribbean beaches. Photo: Caribbean dances during a vacation in the Dominican Republic can please not less than Caribbean beaches.


To Bolivia. mountainous country in the heart of South America. Russians get much less. But carnival in the Bolivian city of Oruro is one of the most exotic and mystical of the holidays.

Employees of the travel Agency Peru Adventure, which organizes Russian-speaking tours in Latin America, tell. what every carnival dance – is a separate story. In the movements of the dance of Diablada battle of good versus evil. In the dance “supervisors” Caporales remember those times, when the Bolivian gold and silver mines were worked by black slaves. Fun all dance “tax collectors” and the most beautiful view Morenada, or dance of the girls smolenak.

This year the spectacular event of the carnival is planned for 5 to 6 March.

Direct flights from Russia to Bolivia and neighboring Peru no. Tickets to La Paz (capital of Bolivia) are very expensive, from 68 500 rubles.


The most famous carnival of the world begins with a symbolic gesture: the mayor of Rio de Janeiro presents the keys to the city “the king of the carnival” – the fat man Momo. But hundreds of thousands of tourists fly to Rio for the parade of Samba schools. This year the sultry beauty and dancers will be dancing in the streets 4 days and 4 nights in a row, from 5 to 8 March.

The entire center of Rio de Janeiro for four days turns into the sambadrome. Photo: the Entire center of Rio de Janeiro for four days turns into the sambadrome.

For travel to Brazil visa is not required. And this year we have more choice – you can go to Rio direct flight “Transaero” by buying a ticket. Or to purchase a ticket for a connecting flight through Europe and book the hotel.

Ticket from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro for the carnival  found 37 000 rubles (Iberia, with a stopover in Madrid).

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