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Top 10 beach parties in the world

Warning: possible ‘ll need a vacation after the vacation!

1 Ibiza, Spain

Unusual cocktails, the last house, constantly pulsating, best clubs, best di jeey and foam parties.

Since early spring and last until early autumn. Ibiza, the party capital of Europe, never sleeps. She sees thousands of revellers from around the world, looking to her clubs — Pacha, Space, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden and beyond.

You should book your tickets in advance (Yes, really — indeed, in advance), to accumulate their strength and be confident that they can celebrate in a place full of failure.

2 Mykonos, Greece

When it comes to parties, Mykonos doesn’t believe in wasted time. Parties on all beaches, unanimously, Psauro Beach, Tropical Paradise Beach Bar, Super Paradise and the rest will start in the beginning of the second half of the day.

Place dancing to the music of the best DJs together with celebrities.

Starts early and lasts until dawn. Party means business!

3 in South Beach, Miami, USA

Posh clubs, unique bars and tents, luxurious and exclusive, will keep you fascinated in the shimmering splendor of it all.

The raging surge of energy, a sea of too much drinking and a year-round tropical environment, together with the parties with a list of celebrities and the best DJs of the world. Answer “Yes” to the question: “are You on the List?”.

Make sure you have a good connection for that to happen. Then one day, you dizzy, reveling in the pure hedonism.

4 Koh Phangan, Thailand

Once known to a small number of travelling party-goers, the mysterious island in Thailand with Full moon parties of discharge “for years and how!” became known worldwide.

A few days every month on the full moon, throughout the year passes Full Moon Party on Phangan with fire eaters, jugglers, fireworks, rhythms of music of all styles and partygoers from around the world on the beaches of the island. The main party on Haad Rin.

It is believed that this is the most unique place in the world where you can see the beautiful full moon on Haad Rin in the shape of a Crescent or is it all under the influence of, well, alcohol, for example?

Platforms, stages, bars, clubs with their own style. Relaxed and atmospheric.

5 Zrce Beach, Pag, Croatia

If you are planning to go to Pag, then definitely get to the party.

No, this does not mean that the place is unwound, it means to make an “all better”. Relaxed atmosphere in a relaxed atmosphere and 24/7.

Yes, it all starts in the afternoon, continuing until night, and begins anew the next day, that is quite literally — party 24/7.

Welcome to the Ibiza of Croatia.

6 Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain

Marking the “Beginning of summer” — you will see how the rich and famous flock to glorious Marbella White Party.

Glamorous, upscale and great for utopian background. It’s worth it to visit this place.

You can enjoy the circus artists and acrobats, DJs, throwers of lights, dancers, bands in the warm summer breeze. This place is super stylish party.

7 Boracay, Philippines

As evil grows in the twilight, Boracay appears after dark, enticing people from all over the world to indulge fame.

Although the first visitors were sworn to secrecy to avoid wild antics at the party, the information leaked and interested public.

Now the party in Boracay is widely known and attracts more and more people.

Insight, show dancing (firewalk), fireworks, live music and a wide array of clubs and bars with a wide range of music.

Boracay has everything that shakes the soul.

8 Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Although this is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Israel.

This place knows how to celebrate and is called “the city that never stops “because of”.

16 beaches to choose “one”, the scene is rife, the most famous is a huge LGBT party, the continuation of the Gay Pride Week.

Strip night clubs bars and lines from tel Aviv to the port in Old Jaffa with blast music all night. and day.

All this happens on the famous Gordon beach, and moving to another of the 15 could be another opening, the new experience!

9 Nissi beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Nissi beach is the place for you in case you want to turn off all the noises of the world. in a situation when you Wake up, loud music is pumping the air, blocking any sound. And it’s not just possible, it’s pretty easy with foam parties, bikini contests, live sets and constant drinking and dancing.

The place is just not to stop. And you need serious stamina to deal with it!

10 Goa, India

Known as the Ibiza of Asia, Goa offers a very unique party experience.

The scene is illuminated by the fires and madness roars from all sides, one party after another. Cheap booze and cheap hotels.

Goa sees about 2 million patrons annually.

The famous Sunburn festival of electronic dance music, was named by CNN in 2009 as the 9th best festival in the world.

Radiating party febrile energy, but more than strange, amazing, silent party where everyone dances to their music, wearing headphones music, is world-renown.