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How to make a beautiful holiday makeup


Amazing hair, amazing outfit, festive mood and she is ready to be released. But another little touch – up evening make-up can transform any lady. Funds and free time is not always possible to visit the salon or call master makeup artist, and to become the most charming and attractive lady of the evening, you must know the secrets of how to make a festive makeover. Practical advice from leading makeup artists and stylists just for You.

Features festive makeup

Evening make-up day (everyday) different brightness and intensity of colors. Although it depends on the situation, going for a corporate party still need to be careful with the use of eyeliner and choosing the color of lipstick. Of course, the festive make-up should be strong, and survive on the skin at least a few hours of uninterrupted fun. For this you need to follow certain recommendations :

Be sure to use a moisturizer before applying tones or shadows, facial structure becomes more uniform, You can easily remove the wrinkles on the forehead, and the colors will be softer and richer.

Before applying makeup make a moisturizing mask or clean skin scrub.

Use waterproof mascara.

Carefully approach the choice of blush. The quality in the first place, it is desirable that they were on a powder basis.

When you visage use lip glosses and pearl shades: first, unlike bright lipsticks they do not need to monitor every 15 minutes, and secondly, light color look more favorably at night.

Metallic shadows for brown eyes

Leading makeup artists suggest to use under make-up eye shadow with a metallic sheen. Latest fashion trend is able to emphasize the eyes of all colors and shades. It is especially advantageous will look brown eyes under the Golden shadow, and with this color you can experiment from the soul – building on that, apply over the shade of green or brown colors. So the look will give radiance and freshness. Don’t forget to use concealer, our faithful friend and helper in the fight against the circles under his eyes, his tone need to choose a little lighter than the Foundation.

The famous smoky eyes

Just the hit of last season, which has already become classics – eyes smoky eyes. Sexy haze eyes will not leave anyone indifferent, because with the help of makeup to enhance the eyes simple. The popularity of this style of applying eye shadow has received thanks to its versatility – it fits everyone, whatever the colour and shape of the eyes, the more beautiful makeup for the eyes of the house, which can be done easily and most. The technique of drawing the haze:

Prepare the eyes, apply moisturizer, Foundation, under eye concealer. All processed light reflecting powder.

Begin to apply a light shade, you can take any pastel shade.

Take a black pencil and lead a neat and straight line from the base to the corner of the upper eyelid, also do and from the bottom. Connecting arrows.

Next, the most important: take the darkest shade and tassel allocated to the outer corner of the eye, and then shaded with a clean brush already applied shadow.

Working again with a pencil. Make the eyeliner more intense.

After you apply the dark shade on top, again you need to shade.

The final stage. Eliminate minor flaws, paint eyelashes mascara, if nature has not endowed them luxurious and thick, we recommend you to paste false eyelashes. The delicate skin only use mascara for sensitive eyes.

There is nothing easier than to choose a lipstick for Smokey. Note the holographic glitter or pastel colors. So all the attention will be on the eyes, and shining sponge will give the image of femininity and sexuality.

Smoky mountains — ISA

Green-eyed beauty

Green-eyed girls should pay attention to the warm shades: brown, green, Golden. It is especially advantageous to look at the evening atmosphere light skin tone, green-Golden gamma eyes and light transparent lip gloss. Of course, much will depend on skin tone, but terracotta or coffee color – a win-win.

Makeup for green eyes

Have blue eyes

Blue-eyed angels need to look at the yellow and orange colors, also mocha and saffron. With proper use of eyeliner makeup will not look defiantly and her eyes faded. Avoid using green and blue hue in the shadows – the look will become expressionless. When using blue colors, combine them with gold or copper, so look to transform and to stand out rare eye color.

Makeup for blue eyes

Regardless of the hairstyle you need to choose a blush. Terracotta will be very useful at high coiffure or hair ago. Cheekbones will immediately become clear and expressive. If your hair will be disbanded, so they do not distract attention away from the face, use a bright lipstick and intense blush. Evening make-up is an art, it depends not only on the techniques of applying makeup, but also on the choice of the color, skin type, style, hairstyles, and other important details. At the end of the visage, taking in her purse shadow, gloss and concealer – Bravo, now You irresistible!

Video: how to make a festive makeover