Review: Festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid (Sydney, Australia)
  In Sydney every year at the end of may-beginning of June for the festival of music and Vivid light. His full name Vivid Sydney: A Festival of Light, Music…

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Unusual holidays. Entertainment. Informative articles and unusual photographs
    The Time magazine presented a series of photographs entitled The World's Wackiest Holidays, devoted to the most unusual holidays and festivals from different corners of our planet. Monkey…

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The Most crazy festivals of the world


If you are tired of the traditional holiday, turn your attention to the unusual events taking place in different parts of the world.

The festival of colors in new Delhi

Indian national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, the celebration of the expulsion of evil and the rebirth of life. It is celebrated for two days during the full moon. On this day in each city hosts its celebration, everywhere lit bonfires, symbolizing the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. In the morning people go to the street, and the fun begins all over each other colored water of the red, green, yellow, blue and black colour and throws colored powders.

Monkey Banquet in the province of lop Buri.

Each year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Monkey feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to the legend, along with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents.

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Holidays in the Czech Republic. Festivals and customs of the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic surprisingly few large-scale national festivals. Besides the usual religious ceremonies, most of the annual happy holidays — it’s artistic, musical and sporting events that are not beyond the boundaries of the city. In addition, there are also folk activities in different regions of the country, the most famous of which — Straznice festival (.) in Moravia.

Official holidays of the Czech Republic

1 January — the New year (Novyrok)

March-April — the Second day of Easter (Easter Monday,Velikonocni pondeli)

1 may — may day (Svatek prace)

8 may — the Day of victory in Europe (Den osvobozeni)

5 July — Adoption of Christianity (Den slovanskych verozvestu Cyrila a Metodeje)

6 July — the Day of death of Jan HUS (Den upaleni mistra Jana Husa)

September 28 — Day of the Czech Republic (Den boje za svobodu)

October 28 — the Foundation of the Republic (Den vzniku samostatneho ceskoslovenskeho statu)

November 17 — the Day of struggle for freedom and democracy (Den boje za svobodu a demokracii) December 24 — Christmas Eve (Sterdy den)

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The Frankness of the Brazilian carnival

All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring.

For almost a month across Europe and America passed numerous festivals. Culminated in the largest and most famous carnival held last weekend — Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro: 6 million and 900 thousand tourists filled the streets to see the fun parades and extravagant processions of the best Samba schools.

In today’s edition of photos from carnivals and various parades that took place the last few weeks around the world.

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